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Daler Mehndi's Tunak Tunak Tun & Legacy

Monday - May 2, 2016 Culture

Prepare to witness one of the coolest guys to ever walk this planet... Daler Mehndi. Daler Mehndi is a world renowned musician coming out of India.  Not only is he involved in classic music including inventing a new instrument, but he's also a master of pop music.  He started gaining popularity in the States when […]

The Healing Benefits of 528 Hz & Other Solfeggio Frequencies

Tuesday - Apr 19, 2016 Interesting

In my adventures through the cynical side of the internet, I came across an interesting conspiracy idea that strikes at the very core of Western music.  The concept is that there has been a deliberate shifting of the fundamental frequencies of our Western scales away from an ancient and sacred 6-tone scale towards a less […]

And Now a Tiny Puppet Nailing the Drums to Rush's "Tom Sawyer" on Tin Cans

Friday - Apr 15, 2016 Funny

Tom Sawyer by Rush is one of my favorite drum songs.  Everyone and their mother knows Neil Peart slayed that song.  I once saw him play it live in Atlanta on a giant 30+ MIDI triggered drum kit with a full-on UFO light show.  It changed me forever. That's why I'm constantly watching people try […]

Loopa - The World's First Vocal Looper Microphone

Friday - Apr 1, 2016 Tech

Sonuus, the guitar playing engineers that brought us their pitch-to-MIDI converters and pedals for guitars are revolutionizing the industry again.  Meet Loopa, the world's first looper microphone: Every good product solves a specific need and Loopa is no different. The Vocal Looper Conundrum Vocalists are unique among the world of musicians.  Their instrument is their […]

Joey Muha's Death Metal Drumming to "I'm a Little Teapot"

Monday - Mar 21, 2016 Talent

There's a high chance you guys have come across Joey Muha before.  He's a smart feller using his Youtube channel to promote his personal brand.  His charismatic drumming makes him a visual spectacle beyond his raw drumming talent. He's been getting a lot of coverage for his shenanigans, such as combining death metal drumming with […]

Ariana Grande's SNL Singer Impressions Vs. Original Artists

Sunday - Mar 13, 2016 Talent

Ariana Grande has had a long career, being raised and promoted as another Disney darling (that never ends well).  I don't know if they pick these kids based on talent or groom them for it, but they did a great job with Ariana. Everyone's been saying that she's the next Mariah Carey and I agree. […]