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The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Looking for a Washing Machine

Wednesday - Mar 22, 2017 Interesting

Depending on where you’re at in the South (Georgia, perhaps), this Charlie Daniels Band classic may as well be considered the 2nd National Anthem.  It's been covered a billion times by a million bands, the story has been animated, done with stop-motion and claymation, turned into children's books, and more. Still from Primus' rendition and […]

NoCro News Drops an Insane Rap Video in the Morning Broadcast

Tuesday - Mar 21, 2017 Life

On February 27th, 2017, the NoCro News dropped some serious fire. Totally unexpectedly. This is a small, obscure Youtube channel that posts the daily NoCro News clips and usually gets a few dozen views, but on this fateful day, anyone who watched it was in for a surprise. If you want to talk about underground, […]

Vinyl Sounds Better. Open Your Friggin' Ears, Idiot.

Monday - Mar 20, 2017 Satire

Listen.  Vinyl flat out sounds better, and if you don't believe me then you're an idiot. Digital music sounds cold and lifeless.  I hate being able to "hear through" a digitally perfect mix and recording.  That's why I only listen to vinyl records now.  The noise floor isn't "exaggerated," that's just how it is... it's […]

How Do I Keep My Neighbor From Hearing My Subwoofer?

Monday - Mar 20, 2017 Science

Ah, the classic concern of good music-loving neighbors everywhere: "Can I use a subwoofer without getting a noise complaint from my neighbors?" The fact that you're asking this first before you just start bumping the bass is fantastic, because it means you have a chance to be proactive about it.  If you live in an […]

Animusic's Pipe Dreams - You'll Remember This!

Sunday - Mar 19, 2017 Life

If you are within the age range of, let's say... 25-35 or so, then you'll remember this video.  You don't know that you remember.  It will burst forth from the deepest recesses of your memory, and you'll be like "OH YEAH!" And that, my friends, is the Animusic masterpiece called Pipe Dreams.  The Animusic team […]

Eminem Gets Pissy if You Claim Nothing Rhymes With "Orange"

Monday - Mar 6, 2017 Lessons

Will the real Slim shady please continue to defy the laws of the English language? There's a common belief that you can't rhyme anything with the word orange. It's one of those old wive's tales that isn't technically true, but it's fun to stump kids with. Many writers over the years have scratched their heads […]