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Madonna Wanted "Revolutionary" and Got It (Hacker Style)

Saturday - Jan 30, 2016 Interesting

I'm not hating on Madonna.  She knows how to play the media game and stay relevant.  But sometimes that leads to faking the funk and it comes back to bite you. Some groups simply won't welcome a pop star to declare herself the poster child for their movement. The Background Madonner had been working on […]

A Visualization Analysis of the Beatles

Thursday - Jan 28, 2016 Interesting

Adam McCann, super interactive graphic maker, decided to take advantage of the The Beatles' discography making it's way to the streaming services.  This means that he had access to all of the data, including lyrics, release dates, chart toppers, etc. So he hunkered down and created this graphic: (Note, it's purposefully small and static.  You […]

DMG Audio Releases 'Limitless' - Mastering Limiter

Wednesday - Jan 27, 2016 Industry News

There's a lot of fear mongering out there. Sure, build your own studio and acoustic treatment.  Sure, track your own recordings.  Sure, mix them yourself.  But don't you dare try to master your songs!  You'll ruin them.  Only professionals can do this right. Sure... I agree to an extent, except I'd say that while professionals […]

Too Many Cooks - Intronitus is Contagious!

Wednesday - Jan 27, 2016 Funny

I've watched this video at least 20 times.  Not sure why I haven't shared it here yet. Adult Swim brings us Too Many Cooks, a bizarre trip through the world of family oriented TV intro sequences of the 90's. I suspect this is what it's like to have an existential crisis at the peak of […]

Somewhere Out in the Stars... Kitty History!

Tuesday - Jan 26, 2016 Funny

The best way to explain this video is to let you read the intro lyrics: In a universe that's infinite like many theorize ours is; there are parallel worlds where every possibility lives. So a planet's somewhere out there, their history the same as ours is written The only differences is that, everyone's a kitten! […]

Siri, What is One Trillion to the 10th Power?

Monday - Jan 25, 2016 Funny

"Hey Siri, drop dat hot fiyah so I can kick a funky rhyme." Your request does not compute. "Siri, hit dat beat box, byitch!" I'm sorry, Dave.  I'm afraid I can't do that. "Dammit, Siri.  What's one trillion to the 10th power?" We Quartet Now. ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO BOOM BAP. […]