Walrus Seduces Everyone With Sax Solo

First off, I thought fish had to be in water to breathe?

Second, how a fish gonna rip such a killer saxophone solo and then have someone bring it a rose?

Seduction Level: Expert.

It's all in being confident, like when he applauds himself for putting Kenny G in his place and then busts the tango:

I thought Candy Dulfer was the "Saxiest" sax player, but I'm starting to change my mind.  Can Candy dance the tango and slide around on the ground in a wet suit?  Can she even breathe under water?

Editor's Note:  A loyal visitor has informed us that this is, in fact, not a fish.  It's some kind of deformed dog called a "Walrus."  We stand corrected.  We're not above admitting when we're wrong, but we're not going to start applauding ourselves like some narcissistic freak of nature Latin fish dog thing.

dog walrus

I must say, it looks like it'd go great beer-battered with some fries, cole slaw, and hush puppies.

I knew there was such a thing as a catfish but I wasn't aware of dogfish until today.  Are they legal to have as pets inside city limits?

I'd let it run around the backyard with my dolphin.