There are some topics that don’t fit anywhere else but are just flat out fascinating. These generally include commentary on music, thought-provoking ideas, and killer discussion topics. You’ll find all of the above and more in the Interesting category of the Ledger Note Blog. Suggest any ideas you have, please!

The Curse of the 27 Club

Friday - Jan 6, 2017 Interesting

Chance?  Conspiracy?  Synchronicity? These are words tossed around by those of us in the know who want to get to the bottom of this mystery.  Why have so many musicians fallen to the curse of... What is the 27 Club? During a tumultuous time for music when artists were again using their voices for social […]

How 13 Famous Bands Got Their Names

Saturday - Nov 26, 2016 Interesting

Without a doubt, the most important aspect to marketing anything is the name. Movies, books, magazines, bands, etc... you have to grab someones attention and keep it.  You have to create curiosity and make them want to explore your offering.  You could have the best art in the world, but if you can't get anyone […]

Zildjian is One of the Oldest Companies In the World!

Tuesday - Sep 13, 2016 Interesting

Anyone even slightly familiar with music instruments knows about Zildjian.  Their name is synonymous with the cymbals that can be found on almost every drum set you come across.  That's amazing and is likely due to one of the most interesting facts about them... Beyond totally dominating an entire sector of the music instrument industry... The […]

Scatman John Stuttered His Way to Stardom!

Friday - May 6, 2016 Interesting

If ever there was an inspirational story, this fits the bill: Everybody stutters one way or the other So check out my message to you As a matter of fact, don't let nothin' hold you back If the Scatman can do it, so can you John's Early Life The Scatman was born as John Paul […]

The Healing Benefits of 528 Hz & Other Solfeggio Frequencies

Tuesday - Apr 19, 2016 Interesting

In my adventures through the cynical side of the internet, I came across an interesting conspiracy idea that strikes at the very core of Western music.  The concept is that there has been a deliberate shifting of the fundamental frequencies of our Western scales away from an ancient and sacred 6-tone scale towards a less […]

Maniacal Marble Music Machine Made by Martin Molin

Monday - Mar 7, 2016 Interesting

The homie Martin Molin is a maniac.  He's a member of the band Wintergatan and inventor of the Marble Machine: We've been watching Martin as he built and revealed each component and how it all came together across his series of videos during the build phase.  But finally... finally he has finished this monstrosity! This […]