Life is so crazy, and it’s inevitable that musicians are going to intertwine their craft with the most important events of their lives. The Life category of the Ledger Note Blog shows just how important music is to each and every one of us, especially in those major moments. This is how music impacts our lives.

Shovel Blues on the Fretless 3-String Shovel Guitar!

Saturday - Nov 19, 2016 Life

Justin Johnson has not only mastered the guitar but mastered making them as well. You've got to entertain yourself somehow, so why not convert a shovel into a 3-string fretless guitar and still rip it with a slide: As one of the top comments on the Youtube video said: "If I ever rob a train […]

Welcome to the 4th Grade! Mr. Reed Raps to His Class

Saturday - Nov 5, 2016 Life

Having been to (and graduated from!) the 4th grade, I know a thing or two about what it's like.  I also was a teacher for a few years that included young people in elementary school. When the year gets started, it's important to establish the atmosphere and paradigm.  It sets the stage for the entire […]

Kind Lady Helps Man w/ Broken Bike Make it to Dave Matthews Concert...

Sunday - Oct 23, 2016 Life

Twas another hot, slightly overcast day in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Emily Kraus rolled with the windows down, jamming the Dave Matthews Band as she inched closer to the venue... Emily had been a fan of the DMB since the wee age of 9 years old.  When someone's art impacts your life and grows along side of […]

Peep Dude's Music Skills Despite His Birth "Enhancement"

Friday - Jan 15, 2016 Life

How many of us have had plans to learn to play the piano or guitar, but haven't even made the first move after even a decade or more?  We are full of excuses. We're too busy with college work.  Now we're too wrapped up in our jobs.  We'll learn once the kids grow up and leave […]

Violin Newbie to Fiddle Pro in 2 Years - Video Progress!

Wednesday - Jan 6, 2016 Life

This 24 year old Norwegian lady put her foot down. Like many of us, she dreamed of learning how to play masterfully the instrument that spoke to her heart.  For me, that'd be the Synthesizer or the Ocarina.  For her, it was the Violin! There's the saying that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything. […]

John Lennon Sketched the UFO Mentioned in "Nobody Told Me"

Saturday - Aug 1, 2015 Life

In John Lennon's solo song Nobody Told Me, he talks about all of the various scenarios he just wasn't pre-warned about when growing up.  From war to mindless mass media, to meaningless interaction and a lack of awareness, he had some insightful points to make about the way we live our lives. Strange days indeed! The […]