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Listening to Lyrics

Tuesday - Nov 8, 2011 Life

This article originally appeared on You've probably heard about Eminem's and Madonna's controversial song lyrics. Of course, there are always two sides to every story. On one hand there's the artist who writes or chooses to perform songs that are very meaningful to him and that he feels convey a powerful message to his […]

Interview: Rapper Nelly Holla's at TeenWire

Monday - Nov 7, 2011 Artists

This article originally appeared on That's right, TeenWire visitors, St. Louis rap phenomenon Nelly is here! Already taking the entertainment industry by storm, selling more than seven million copies of his debut album, Country Grammar, Nelly is about to hit us again with his new album, Nellyville. Nellyville will drop June 25. Nellyville's first […]

Interview: Case & Joe on Sex, Music, Love, & Relationships

Monday - Nov 7, 2011 Artists

This article originally appeared on "Touch Me, Tease Me," Case's hit single featuring Foxy Brown, raised eyebrows and huddled dance floors during that short, hot summer of '96. The following year, Joe's "I Don't Want To Be A Player" took the focus away from the movie sound track for which it was made - […]

Interview: A Look into Blurred Insight

Sunday - Nov 6, 2011 Artists

This article originally appeared on Blurred Insight consists of five emcees, one DJ, and a backup singer, all from Westchester County, New York. Their fresh sound and innovative, varying styles make them a great addition to the world of hip-hop, a spot they've earned through hard work and dedication. Recently, TeenWire had the opportunity […]

Reflection: Tupac Lives!

Saturday - Nov 5, 2011 Artists

This article originally appeared on How does Tupac Shakur still put out albums if he's dead? With his latest posthumous release, Until the End Of Time, on his mother's record label, Amaru Records, his remarkable, number-one Billboard entrance demonstrates Pac's presence is still alive and kicking. Nearly 427,000 people rushed to buy his album […]

Interview: The Hieroglyphics - 3 Eyes Are Better Than 2

Saturday - Nov 5, 2011 Artists

This article was originally appeared on The Hieroglyphics logo resembles the universal "have-a-nice-day" smiley face. However, Hiero's face has three dots for eyes and a straight line replacing the smile. Although simple in design, the logo represents a powerful concept. The third eye represents the inner vision, the creative insight of an individual. Once […]