Music is an art, but it’s built on a system entirely governed by math and physics. That means scientists can have their fun too by studying our craft and sharing their results. In the Science category of the Ledger Note Blog, we’ve gathered all of the good stuff for you. Check it out below.

How Do I Keep My Neighbor From Hearing My Subwoofer?

Monday - Mar 20, 2017 Science

Ah, the classic concern of good music-loving neighbors everywhere: "Can I use a subwoofer without getting a noise complaint from my neighbors?" The fact that you're asking this first before you just start bumping the bass is fantastic, because it means you have a chance to be proactive about it.  If you live in an […]

Human Speech From a Piano...

Tuesday - Jan 24, 2017 Science

I, for one, welcome our new piano overlords. In 2009 at the World Venice Forum, Austrian composer Peter Ablinger unveiled his crazy-ass talking piano by having it read the Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court: The video is in German but there are subtitles and the piano speaks in English. This is incredible though. […]

Oscilloscope Music - Visual Signals & Songs

Friday - Dec 30, 2016 Science

One thing a lot of studio engineers and musicians don't realize is that all of shit "mixing gear" isn't just that. The signal processing trade serves a lot of various industries, from music, radars, the medical field, and even nuclear physics.  Just like mixers, other engineers need to clean up their electric signals to separate the […]

Acoustic Prism Invented - Breaking Sound Into Frequencies

Saturday - Dec 3, 2016 Science

I see this technology completely revolutionizing speaker systems for concerts and arenas... The team over at the École Polytechnique Fédérale Dé Lausanne, a research facility in Lausanne, Switzerland, has invented what's being called an Acoustic Prism. We all played with optical prisms in school growing up.  These were those transparent pyramidal triangles that refracted light, […]

Acoustic Treatment: Where Does the Absorbed Sound Go?

Thursday - Aug 11, 2016 Science

This is a common question that gets asked by the insightful, but not scientifically inclined members of the music community: "So where does the absorbed sound go in acoustic treatment?" That's a clever question.  We know that the entire reason we need acoustic treatment is because sound bounces around off of the walls in the […]

How Does MP3 Compression Work?

Thursday - Jul 21, 2016 Science

How does MP3 compression work?  That's a common question that deserves a fast answer.  I actually searched around the net before sitting down to write this and noticed that everyone was writing novels about the topic but nobody could explain it in a quick, normal-person manner.  So here we go! "Any sufficiently advanced technology is […]