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Are Expensive Studio Cables Worth the Money?

Wednesday - Jul 6, 2016 Science

Are these crazy expensive studio cables worth the cash?  How come I can buy a Livewire XLR cable for a literal fraction of the price of a Monster cable?  And then I see these ridiculous audiophile cables asking a thousand dollars or more for a single cable?  What's the deal?  Do they actually produce better […]

The Faces of Rock: Composite Images of 30 Classic Bands

Thursday - Oct 15, 2015 Science

A luxury facial hair grooming company called West Coast Shaving got sick of lead singers getting all of the attention.  The other band members count too, and often are more handsome or at least rock a better beard! With this in mind, they wanted each legendary rock band out there to have a "face" for everyone […]

Melomics - Music Made Without Humans (For Robots Only!)

Saturday - Aug 1, 2015 Science

Melomics Media created their name as a play on the word genomics, referring to the genome of melodies.  They've written a computer algorithm that is capable of composing music without human intervention, but based on the study of patterns we've created in music. "I don't trust it.  Intelligence is going to spontaneously arise and some […]

Rap Lyric Analytics with Rapalytics

Thursday - Jul 23, 2015 Science

The thousands of age old arguments amongst rap and hip hop fans are now being settled.  Using a scientific analysis of data curated from various lyrics databases, we now know the answer to questions such as... Which rapper has the largest vocabulary? Who cusses the most? Which lyricist has the most complex rhyme schemes? Who strings […]

Led Zeppelin's Acoustic Environment on When the Levee Breaks

Thursday - Apr 30, 2015 Science

When recording, the wisdom of the ages always says to record in the most dry and controlled acoustic environment possible.  Then let the rest be done in post-processing. But the masters of mixing aren't afraid to commit to tape right then and there, and that's exactly what Led Zeppelin did on When the Levee Breaks. […]

Warning: The Most Dangerously Relaxing Song Ever

Tuesday - Mar 3, 2015 Science

Throw your melatonin in the trash. The band Marconi Union collaborated with sound therapists to create the world's most relaxing song. In fact, it's so effective at calming your nerves that the stress specialists who performed the experiments have issued a warning to not listen to it while driving.  Seriously.  Don't do it. Press play on […]