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The Best Mic Preamp for Every Budget - Crystal Clarity for Vocals & Instruments!

Wednesday - May 11, 2016 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! "Yeah but it's got Class X Goober pre's in it!" Don't be a sucker for marketing.  These mixers, recording interfaces, and channel strips are offering you countless recording channels, several preamplifiers, a compressor, maybe an equalizer, and A/D and D/A converters for what... a couple hundred bucks […]

DubTurbo Review - The Software Shortcut to Making Dubstep

Friday - Nov 20, 2015 Gear Reviews

I personally decided that I'd hunt around and give the best of these software options a chance.  It clearly became obvious after an hour of searching online that a piece of software called DubTurbo was the clear winner, not only by popularity but in quality. The problem was getting any real insight into DubTurbo.  Due […]

The Ocarina Almanac

Friday - Apr 3, 2015 Gear Reviews

Life is full of many curiosities, and it is quite curious in itself that this instrument is making a comeback into the mainstream musical consciousness. A lot of people have recently been asking “What instrument is making that sound? It’s a what? How do you spell it? Didn’t that Zelda guy play one of those?” […]