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How to Setup a Recording Studio

Tuesday - Sep 8, 2015 Studio Recording

Go ahead and freak out if you want to, but it's totally unnecessary.  This easy guide will have you becoming a studio tech wizard in ten minutes flat.  No longer will you look at a piece of gear and experience your brain slowly shutting down under the sheer anxiety of wondering what you're going to […]

The Acoustic Treatment Guide for Panels & Foam

Monday - Aug 10, 2015 Studio Recording

The reason every major studio has these "boxes" hanging on the walls, or the walls themselves are made of cloth covering "something firm but soft," is the same reason why their recordings and mixes come out pristine and beautiful, while amateur works sound like they were recorded in a small closet or a bathroom (most […]

Audiocoin: The Cryptocurrency of the Digital Music Market

Wednesday - Jul 22, 2015 Careers & Marketing

With the advent of the internet, and then easily performed micro-transactions, things have slowly begun to change for artists.  It could be said that it all began with crowd-funding, where fans could pre-fund any venture and be promised an array of rewards such as inclusion in the thank you notes, special editions of the product, […]

Recording Vocals at Home: Clean & Clear

Tuesday - Jun 30, 2015 Studio Recording

No matter your goal... whether you're a rapper, producer, singer, podcast creator, video game designer, etc., you need a quality vocal chain set up and ready to rock at home.  Recording vocals at home used to be a dream, and now it's a no-brainer.  Money is no longer the barrier to entry.  The know-how is what […]

How to Sample Like the East Coast Producers

Thursday - Jun 25, 2015 Beat Production

        There's nothing like hearing a track with the perfect set of samples looped in.  When done right, you can even make a name for yourself.  Look at guys like Kanye West, the RZA, the Alchemist, Just Blaze, and on and on.  They made their name as sample based producers and are […]

The Ocarina Almanac

Friday - Apr 3, 2015 Gear Reviews

Life is full of many curiosities, and it is quite curious in itself that this instrument is making a comeback into the mainstream musical consciousness. A lot of people have recently been asking “What instrument is making that sound? It’s a what? How do you spell it? Didn’t that Zelda guy play one of those?” […]