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The Best Studio Monitors & Speakers for Home & Pro Audio

Wednesday - Sep 7, 2016 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! We should clarify immediately that if you are reading this post, then you're looking for studio monitors and not speakers. People still trying to find their footing in this topic will use all kinds of phrases when talking about it, such as "monitor speakers"and "studio speakers," but this […]

The Best Power Conditioners for Superior Safety & Protection

Saturday - Sep 3, 2016 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! What are these two purposes I'm talking about? Condition your electric power quality Being awesome surge protectors with lots of power outlets That's all you're looking for.  Although some can even provide continuity of service by being uninterruptible power supplies (big batteries!), those don't typically have a […]

Open Back vs Closed Back Headphones

Tuesday - Aug 30, 2016 Studio Recording

There's so much more to the story when it comes to choosing a set of headphones.  If you score even a higher tier of consumer level headphones then that's about all you'll need.  They'll have a 1/8th inch headphone jack and probably a 1/4 inch adaptor.  You can plug them into your smart phone or […]

Condenser vs Dynamic Mics: 10 Myths Busted!

Wednesday - Aug 24, 2016 Studio Recording

Some of these issues are flat out mythology and categorically false, while others are true in some applications and false in other scenarios. No wonder there's a lot of contradiction to be found on message boards and websites.  Couple that with people pretending to be more knowledgeable than they are and others simply parroting bad […]

The Best Condenser Microphones for Pro & Home Studios

Wednesday - Aug 24, 2016 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! While nobody outright says that a dynamic mic or ribbon mic can't compete with a condenser, we all eventually cast our vote with our wallets. Condenser mics are clearly the most popular types period, whether we're talking about home recording or in a professional studio, or vocals […]

The Best Dynamic Microphones for Vocals & More

Friday - Aug 19, 2016 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! Our goal here then is to have a quick discussion about dynamic mics (as opposed to condensers) and what else is needed to use them and care for them. If you already know you want a dynamic then you may already know some of this preliminary info […]