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Musical Modes Explained

Saturday - Oct 1, 2016 Music Theory

It's easy to run into modes and think, "What the heck is going on?  Why does all of this need to be so convoluted and complicated?" It does seem that way at first until you work with modes enough to spot the pattern.  Then not only does it click into place but you can even work […]

Bass Programming Tips for MIDI & Synths

Tuesday - Sep 27, 2016 Beat Production

Bass programming is my second favorite part of making beats right after the drums.  Laying down the initial, fundamental groove of the song helps the rest of the process move along without any problems. And that needs to be the order of operations: Bass then drums or drums then bass. The problem is most of us are […]

The Circle of Fifths Explained

Wednesday - Sep 21, 2016 Music Theory

Typical discussion about the Circle of Fifths is largely for beginners and intermediate music theorists, and the tricky part is there's no way to avoid using other technical jargon that a beginner may not know when explaining it.  We're going to keep it as simple as possible with explanations of any new terms. So get […]

10 MIDI Programming & Sequencing Tips

Tuesday - Sep 20, 2016 Beat Production

There's nothing better than MIDI for getting ideas out of your head quickly and accurately. The faster you can do this without the distractions of tinkering with hardware and software, the better.  Staying in the left-brain mode can be the difference between a #1 hit and a dud. When it's time to pump out a […]

The Best Studio Monitors & Speakers for Home & Pro Audio

Wednesday - Sep 7, 2016 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! We should clarify immediately that if you are reading this post, then you're looking for studio monitors and not speakers. People still trying to find their footing in this topic will use all kinds of phrases when talking about it, such as "monitor speakers"and "studio speakers," but this […]

The Best Power Conditioners for Superior Safety & Protection

Saturday - Sep 3, 2016 Gear Reviews

Click here to jump straight to the reviews! What are these two purposes I'm talking about? Condition your electric power quality Being awesome surge protectors with lots of power outlets That's all you're looking for.  Although some can even provide continuity of service by being uninterruptible power supplies (big batteries!), those don't typically have a […]