Be honest. There’s only one thing we all love more than cute babies and animals, and that’s music. You can meet your quota for both here in the Adorable category of the Ledger Note Blog.

Beatboxing Dubstep Bird Drops the Bass

Updated: Adorable

You know dubstep is officially a "thing" when even the animal kingdom is getting in on it.  Check out this parakeet or whatever it is.  It's memorized an entire dubstep song, including the wub-wubs: I'm actually kind of mad, because this bird makes better snares than I do when I beatbox.  But he's got a […]

Walrus Seduces Everyone With Sax Solo

Updated: Adorable

First off, I thought fish had to be in water to breathe?  And where are this things gills?  Second, how is a fish going to rip such a killer saxophone solo and then have someone bring it a rose?  I can't even get a date, let alone someone asking me out with flowers. Seduction Level: […]

Ravenous Tea Cup Warthog Rips a Synth Solo

Updated: Adorable

I done seent some things in my life.  I've seen a walrus play saxophone.  I've seen a bird beatboxing some dubstep.  I've seen a bear play the trumpet.  I even saw a dog rock out on the drums.  But one thing I ain't ever seent is no warthog play the keys. They're calling this beast […]

Now I've Seen It All: Bear Plays Trumpet and Dances a Jig

Updated: Adorable

This bear...  I've never seen a bear train a human this well.  First he tells the human to fetch his ceremonial trumpet and place it lightly upon his royal head.  Then the unthinkable happens: He then blows the magical melody, immediately summoning a german shepherd dog from the aether, and then calls upon his human […]

Famous Vine Dog's Music Collaborations... I'm So Confused

Updated: Adorable

Seriously though.  This is how I know I'm getting old. I'm aware of what Vine is.  It's like the Twitter of videos. But now we have famous animals on social media. This is next level, because this dog Trench can also play music (better than me): Here he is, collaborating like a boss with his […]

This Dog Plays Drums Better Than You Do

Updated: Adorable

I've told this story in detail before, so I'll just mention the basics.  I once was forced to learn to play the drums by not playing them because they were too loud.  It scarred me for life.  Now I'm having flashbacks... For all my trying, I never learned it.  And yet this frickin' Pug dog […]