Baby Sings Metal Alphabet Song (Then Asks For Mommy)

I can't imagine anything more hardcore than singing a heavy metal version of the alphabet song, butchering the ordering of the letters, and then asking for mommy...

And yet that's exactly what this cute little girl does, all while rocking some kind of pink teddy bear pajamas!

When I was that age, I wasn't learning my alphabet or even how to carry a melody.  I was still trying to find places to hide my boogers.


I just head banged so hard I broke all three of my clavicles.  I have full faith that this young super star will grow up to be a replacement for one of the girls in BABYMETAL.

I'm not usually the kind of person that feels like he needs to one-up everyone, but this girl was getting too cocky.  I had to bust out my blocks and show her how it's done:

abc blocks

Nailed it, bro.  All three letters of the alphabet, in order, and I even stacked them.  None of this "Elmo Elmo Pee" business.  I'm too old for all that Sesame Street nonsense.

Next time one of you wants to be a hot shot and upload a "humble brag" to YouTube, expect a response.  I can count to 10 forwards and backwards.  Come at me, bruh.  You think this is a mo-mo-mo-fo game?  It's war out here in these streets.  I haven't survived this long by accident.  What you wanna do?  Your move, toddlers.