Beatboxing Dubstep Bird Drops the Bass

You know dubstep is officially a "thing" when even the animal kingdom is getting in on it:

You've got to be real careful what music and movies you play and especially what you say around these bastards.

Story Time!

I had a buddy who at one time got it in his head to redesign his living room like some kind of old school European guy going on crazy African safari's.

He installed a spiral staircase, mounted hyena and lion heads on the wall, and even bought a tiger skin rug (are tigers even in Africa?).

tiger skin rug

He also decided to buy some kind of exotic bird that was humongous and had all these crazy colored feathers.  It was one of those that would mimic whatever it heard, but it would get stuck on certain phrases.

Don't ask me how because I don't know the details, but this bird learned to start screaming a racial slur at the top of its lungs and some how associated it with visitors knocking on the door.  He would only scream this nonsense when someone was at the door, and you could hear him through the door because he had that high pitched bird voice.

exotic dubstep bird

"Shhh... someone's at the door." **Clears throat**

That's kind of funny, but the point of the story is that this guy told me he would roll up a newspaper and beat this bird with it whenever he would start screaming this bad word, and it would only get louder and say it more frequent.  The absurdity of the story cracks me up.  I couldn't imagine beating some exotic rainbow colored bird I paid several thousand for with a 25 cent newspaper for screaming racial obscenities.

Anyways, cool video, huh?  I bet you wish you could make dubstep.