Classic: Hamster on a Piano

It wouldn't be fair for me to operate a blog where I post cute animals doing music related stuff without introducing you to one of my all time favorites, entitled "Hamster on a Piano."  It looks and sounds exactly like the title describes, which is to say that it's pure heaven.

Get ready to hear your new favorite song.  It's the perfect representation of what early to mid-1990's pop music sounded like, even with the cheesy talking bridges and corny MIDI sound fonts:

This track is catchy.  Like mind-virus catchy.  It's been at least 20 years and I still sing it here and there. Obviously this is a child's song, but it makes you wonder what's wrong with our modern pop industry. Back in my day we'd have ended up with a John Denver cover of this song and him performing it on every day time and night time talk show possible.  And then we'd get a Sesame Street appearance, too.

But nope, this world is as twisted as that hamster's spine before he fell off the piano.

I know, I didn't warn you of the extreme abuse at the end.  Whoever this kid is should be drawn and quartered in the town square.  That poor hamster's spine did a complete 360 degrees and he still had to get his hand pinched underneath the black key.  And, worst of all, he lost his piece of popcorn.  What is wrong with this sick, cruel world?

Sorry, I'm still projecting my guilt for what happened to my brother's gerbil when we were growing up... Wasn't that video so awesome!  I like the part where there was no gerbil who's life wasn't accidentally cut short during a spat between siblings.

Actually, I don't feel bad for any pet.  They get a free ride.  How about they get a job and start pulling their weight around here?  Do they think all this food and cedar wood chips and newspapers come free?  I guarantee you that hamster has a nicer house than me.

hamster house

My last hamsters were those tiny Siberian dwarf hamsters.  I never was a fan of the giant fat hamsters.  But when I got a crew of these little guys, I hooked "Scotty Pippin" and his homies up with a house like the one in the picture above and they would never leave this one room in the bottom corner.  Despite them having like four stories, lookout towers, several exercise wheels, and tunnels galore, they'd just sit in this one room and never venture out into the great beyond.

Turns out they were conspiring and slowly chewing an escape hole behind their little shelter in there.

I'd find most of them in my room and put them back into their luxury hamster prison after patching up the hole.  I eventually noticed that they stopped using the shelter in their favorite room, so I finally took the lid off and lifted up the shelter and there was Scotty Pippen, hard as a rock.

hamster on a piano song

I'll never forget you, bro.  Rest in peace.