Famous Vine Dog's Music Collaborations... I'm So Confused

Seriously though.  This is how I know I'm getting old.

I'm aware of what Vine is.  It's like the Twitter of videos.

But now we have famous animals on social media.

This is next level, because this dog Trench can also play music (better than me):

Here he is, collaborating like a boss with his owner Maple.

maple dog vine music

If you really want to understand why this really butters my biscuit, you need to know the backstory of my short  lived adventure with drums, which you can learn here as you watch this dog play the drums better than Neil Peart from Rush.

trench dog vine music

I hate Trench & Maple.  The dog is a better musician than me and the guy is a better dog trainer.  All I can do is type envious stuff on Ledger Note while reliving my traumas...

Seriously though, a famous vine dog?