This Heavy Metal Parrot Has Perfected Screamo

Let the birdies hit the floor!  I'm only half tempted to call this bird adorable, and even more tempted to call child protective services.

Either way, this heavy metal parrot would make a great circus intermission or at least a decent lead singer for Drowning Pool the next time he decides to go off and... anyways, here's the video!

Look at that little bastard.  He looks delicious.  Maybe next time he'll sing (or be cooked with) parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

cooked chicken in an oven pan

I bet this family is training the cat to play metal guitar in Drop D.  I hope he clipped his nails and got a really thick pick guard.

heavy metal cat

The sad thing is, despite all his rage he is still just a feathered rat in a cage... I could do this all night, folks.  I'm a pretty funny guy once you learn to tolerate me.

I'd still sling him across the room for being such an Angry Bird...

heavy metal parrot

Stay tuned!  Next up we have a video of a hamster on a piano!