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O Gato Que Canta - The Singing Cat!

Wednesday - Jul 29, 2015 Adorable

My life is now complete.  Some awesome person named Helena Torres uploaded a video of their cat singing along with them to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It." Let's waste no time... I know that it's the "If You're Happy and You Know It" tune, but I can't confirm what's being […]

Baby Sings Metal Alphabet Song (Then Asks For Mommy)

Friday - Jul 24, 2015 Adorable

I can't imagine anything more hardcore than singing a heavy metal version of the alphabet song, butchering the ordering of the letters, and then asking for mommy... And yet that's exactly what this cute little girl does, all while rocking some kind of pink teddy bear pajamas! When I was that age, I wasn't learning my […]

Juliet's First Hardcore Song. "I Love Robert!"

Saturday - Jun 6, 2015 Adorable

Let's open up this pit! Juliet wastes no time launching her metal career with the release of her newest track entitled "My First Hardcore Song."  Juliet's first hardcore song goes hard, indeed. I LOVE ROBERT! Get your two-step on! I swear, that might be the most quotable song ever written. It brings a tear to […]

Classic: Hamster on a Piano

Tuesday - May 5, 2015 Adorable

It wouldn't be fair for me to operate a blog where I post cute animals doing music related stuff without introducing you to one of my all time favorites, entitled "Hamster on a Piano." Get ready to hear your new favorite song: I know, I didn't warn you of the extreme abuse at the end. […]

This Heavy Metal Parrot Has Perfected Screamo

Tuesday - May 5, 2015 Adorable

Let the birdies hit the floor!  I'm only half tempted to call this bird adorable, and even more tempted to call child protective services. Either way, this heavy metal parrot would make a great circus intermission or at least a decent lead singer for Drowning Pool the next time he decides to go off and... […]

DJ Kittens - Cat Scratch Fever (Fleamix)

Monday - Mar 16, 2015 Adorable

DJ Kittens, the hottest new turntable group, just turned out another banger on the faders.  Check out the hit single entitled Cat Scratch Fever (Fleamix). In an exclusive interview with LedgerNote, lead kitten MC Fluff-E-Nuff had this to say: The inspiration for the Fleamix came when our roadie Tapeworm said "I'd rather rock a killer case […]