Ravenous Tea Cup Warthog Rips a Synth Solo

I done seent some shit in my life.  One thing I ain't ever seent is no warthog play the keys.

They're calling this beast a "tea cup piglet," whatever that means.  All I know is this monstrosity savagely destroys this synthesizer while performing a victory dance over it's foe:

As is told in the Book of Swine, after the Two-Tusk gores the keyboard and tramples its skeleton with the Dance of Triumph, it demands the Hand of God reach down from the Heaven's with the Mystic Treat of Mana, which it gladly devours before returning to it's horrid festivities (as seen in the video above).

The last time I saw one of these things, it was trying to kill Simba in the name of Uncle Scar.  The lie is different on every level, my friends.  Be vigilant.

lion king warthog

"When I was a young warthog..."

"...I was being trained in the art of subterfuge and covert operations to help overthrow the royal bloodline of the Lion Kingdom."  The Lion King, despite it being a complete knock off of the Japanese movie Kimba the White Lion, was the first Game of Thrones / House of Cards.

kimba the white lion

Like I said, the lies run deep. Never trust anything associated with Warthogs.