Grow your own style and skill level by expanding your tastes in music. We’ve meticulously plucked specific artists that have amazed us to share with you here in the Artist category of the Ledger Note Blog. Feel free to suggest some to us as well.

Spotlight: Puddles Pity Party Deserves to Win America's Got Talent

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Puddles Pity Party is one of the most unique and talented acts you'll see on America's Got Talent this year or in any of the past ones. After 12 seasons, fans of the show might think they've seen it all already, but every now and then a very unique talent comes around to turn things […]

Spotlight: ArcAttack's Tesla Coil Music - They Are Iron Man!

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No song could be better suited for such a display of insanity than Ozzy's Iron Man.  If you ever wanted to watch a guy play the guitar while simultaneously being electrocuted by huge arcs of flashing lightning beams, then you're in the right place. ArcAttack is a group of eight madmen and one robot pushing the […]

Spotlight: Natti Love Joys

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I'm going to push the veil aside for a second and let you see a piece of the real me.  There are two things I like a lot: Reggae and Buddhism.  Put the two together into a blender, put in on high, toss in some leafy "vegetables," and what do you get? The Natti Love […]

Spotlight: Andy McKee

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If you're a fan of solo guitar work, folk music, or just want some relaxing music to focus on or play in the background, I've got a solution for you: You're listening to the one-man-band, Andy McKee. Not only is he a master of fingerstyle playing, he incorporates percussive elements into his songs by slapping […]

Interview: 100% Ginuwine

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This article originally appeared on recently hooked up with the new Chair of the TeenWire Teen Advisory Board, Ginuwine. We found out that he's one down to earth guy even with more than three million in record sales. Interview: He's the Same Ol' G: R&B artist Ginuwine started out his career at 13 as a […]

Interview: Chilling with Tegan and Sara

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This article originally appeared on After 20 years of sibling rivalry, these twin girls decided to take action and channel their energy into beautiful music. Tegan and Sara are 20-year-old twins from Calgary, Canada. With acoustic guitars and two distinctively different voices, they just released their first CD, This Business of Art on Vapor […]