Interview: 112 on Love, Lyrics, & Much More!

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112 interview

When Sean "Puffy" Combs met four singing, southern gentleman in the popular Atlanta nightclub called 112, he was intent on making them "Bad Boys."

Four years, an album, and several hit records later, the talented vocalists have far surpassed the popularity of that hometown club for which they were named. Now they've released another hot platinum-selling album, Room 112, on Puffy’s Bad Boy label.

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The first sexy single off the new album, "Anywhere," evokes the imagination and arouses hormones as they discuss different and interesting places to, well, do it. But wait, 112 will quickly let you know that they're not all about sex. You gotta peep their latest single, "Love You Like I Did," as well as the new album. Love is the main theme here, and sex is just a twist in the plot. But hey, why don't we let them tell it.

The Interview

Mike (M): It's real simple — sex is a part of life. We feel like sex has a bad name, like people are taking it out of context for what it is — a time to be with someone that you love and respect. You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for sex.

Q: And as far as our church background goes with sex, I don't necessarily agree with sex before marriage, even though some of us do participate in it. It's not something that I would tell people it's the right thing to do.

On sexuality in live shows…

Daron (D): Take it for what it is — it's entertainment. I might get on stage and do some freaky dance, that doesn't mean that's what type of person I am. Entertainment makes you happy for that moment. But when I go to church, I'm gonna praise God.

M: Our show is very sexual in content because you're gonna be in the business to win. It's visual. A lot of times a person will buy an album because of what someone did on stage.

D: But if you're raised in the church — me huntchin' on stage ain't 'bout to encourage you to do nothin'. If you wanna go out and have sex…it's somethin' you gonna do.


D: It's like gyratin', grindin'. It's that ATL, south thing. After this interview, everybody gonna' be huntchin' (laughter).

On being a parent…

M: I have a son so I have to set an example. I have to explain why I do certain things. He's 10 months. Me and his mother are not together but we have an agreement now. We realize that we have other lives.

112 group

Slim (S): I knew my baby's mom from the bus stop at school — nothin' to do with 112 or anything. We didn't just have a baby. We talked about it and everything. I have two: a 1-year- old and [a] three [year-old]. I have to set the tone and be a role model. My 3-year-old knows every word to every song. He looks at me like, he's daddy but he's on MTV and BET. I let him know that it's a job. Outside my house I'm Slim. When I'm home, I'm Marvin. There's a big difference.

M: I was there for the baby being born and all that. I don't see how any man can leave their child after seeing it like that.

S: A father is needed in any kid's life — son or daughter. Please be a part in your kid's life. Whether they are livin' with you or not, let them know you are involved and you care.

On peer pressure and their first time…

Q: Being an athlete, it was real lame to be a virgin. I was always afraid of sex, but I was a part of football and all that, so peer pressure did play a part.

D: It was just because I wanted to do it. I was with the girl for a couple of months. So, we just cut school and did it. And I did use protection.

M: The peer pressure thing is strong. I don't care who you are — the first time you gonna be scared. I was an outcast in high school. It was easier. They left me alone. It wasn't like I was runnin' around cuttin' up everybody.

What's that — cuttin up?

Q: To "cut somethin'" means to have sex.

How do you use that in a sentence?

112 boy band

D: I'm about to go cut somethin' (Laughter)

S: If anybody knew Marvin from HS, I wasn't cool like that. I was doing class work and extracurricular activities. That's why I stress to everybody what time it is. If you're gonna have sex, know what comes with that baggage.

On spreading the word…

D: It's up to me to a certain extent to educate — not just young people but everybody — about sex and the risks of having sex with a whole bunch of people. But it's everybody's responsibility to teach each other. As parents teaching their kids, as an individual person in society — teach the next man. I don't think you should let a video or a song determine what you do.