Interview: A Look into Blurred Insight

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blurred insight interview

Blurred Insight consists of five emcees, one DJ, and a backup singer, all from Westchester County, New York. Their fresh sound and innovative, varying styles make them a great addition to the world of hip-hop, a spot they've earned through hard work and dedication.

Recently, TeenWire had the opportunity to talk with Ethan the Rhyme Minister and Insight of Blurred Insight.

TeenWire (TW): How did you guys get into hip-hop?

Ethan: I didn't seriously start rapping until 11th grade. I started writing rhymes but mostly keeping it to myself, until I met Chris and that led to our formation.

TW: How did Blurred Insight come to be, and where does the name come from?

Insight: I started rapping as a hobby when I was really young, and eventually ran into a number of talented emcees, and as we continued working together, the more dedicated, talented people stayed on, and we came together at the end of high school as Blurred Insight. Everyone has his or her own interpretation of it and everyone has Blurred Insight.

"[Hip-hop] can be fast and slow, angry and happy, complicated and simple, so we're bringing everything imaginable."

TW: One of the features on your Web site is the street team. What's that about?

Insight: The street team is the business side of what we do, having people from all over telling their friends about us and getting the word out.

Ethan: We're an independent label — it's just us - so every person we can get to help us with one aspect of what we're doing, it's such a large help.

TW: What message do you have for teens that don't know you guys... yet?

Ethan: We're taking this hip-hop thing as far as possible, stretching and innovating, while keeping it fun and true to its roots.

Insight: One of the points we're trying to make is that hip-hop is not one way: it can be fast and slow, angry and happy, complicated and simple, so we're bringing everything imaginable.

TW: You guys are going after your teenage dreams, which isn't easy. What would you say to other people going after their dreams?

Ethan: Anyone out there who might be worried about whether or not they can do it, they should know that they don't need money or a huge break to get things started. It helps, but you can get things off the ground without that, definitely.

TW: How is it to have five different emcees collaborate?

Insight: Well, Mike Chords quickly turn into a knotted mess of spaghetti with five people on stage!

Ethan: Performing, it's definitely been good to have five of us, because you're getting such different styles.

Insight: When we're recording we're able to come up with ideas that, individually, we'd never be able to come up with. You combine all these styles and get to a new destination that by ourselves we would have never been able to get to.

TW: Rap is a genre that was born out of urban areas, and today is predominantly an African-American form of music. Not being African-American, do you feel there's something more you need to prove to show you belong?

Ethan: When we walk into scenarios with other emcees, there is a sense of skepticism that we have to overcome because of the fact that we're mostly white. I can't ignore the social context of what we're doing, but I gotta try and do what I want to do and respect the art form, but I can't change the fact that I'm a white rapper.

Insight: I think we have as much a right as anyone else to do this, as long as we are aware of the fact that we didn't start rap, we're just trying to further it. People of all races, creeds, and, colors have heard us and show a lot of love for Blurred Insight.

TW: Finally, we need to know, when is the album dropping?

Ethan and Insight: September, 2002. Check us out at