BabyMetal - Japan Keeps it's Crown as King of the Weird

This post isn't your typical "Culture" post on Ledger Note.  This has more to do with various sub-cultures smashing together and solidifying Japan's spot as #1 in weird!

babymetal idol pop metal

BABYMETAL is the next level heavy metal devil stuff.  Some mad genius in a laboratory deep in the bowels of Japan decided to take the metal culture, dash in some karate, and take the prototypal middle school anime girl characters... he threw it all in a beaker and shook it till something popped out.  The result was this craziness that's sweeping up fans worldwide.

Su-Metal, YuiMetal, and MoaMetal are currently on a world tour, raking in the money and living the life.  Of course, I'm sure it's grueling having to study and take school lessons on a tour bus and performing in the evenings.

babymetal three girls

It happened fast, proving that we love gimmicks and creativity in our music and crave more of it.  They dropped their first album, BabyMetal, in 2014 and had both singles hit the Top 10 in Japan.  Thanks to the internet, it spread and hit the US Billboard charts.  Lady Gaga tapped them to open for her ArtRave tour in 2014.  When that wrapped up, they began headlining tours all across the UK. Right now in 2016 they are making a run across the US with their new record Metal Resistance.

They are terming their own sub-genre of music "Kawaii Idol Metal," but it's far from "cute" and moving into the realm of sinister.  It started off pretty cute though, with their songs sounding like some kind of heavy metal anime theme songs.  Here's one of their first big hits, Megitsune:

It even quotes the Sakura song on koto we covered before.

What's awesome is their instrumentation and version of ghosts and darkness.  Rocking out with kabuki masks and kimonos in a dojo and all that... nobody can deny that this deserves all of the attention it's getting!

babymetal heavy metal costumes

Check out the official BABYMETAL website for more info and check out more of their videos on YouTube.