Global Hip Hop for the World

I'm sure you remember that "We Are The World" single from way back in 1985 when Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie got a boatload of amazing artists all on one track and donated it all to charity.

hip hop for the world

Well, KRS-One has done the same in 2015 to generate some cash for children's education, to be handled by UNICEF.  The cool thing though, is instead of a bunch of pop stars from the United States, KRS-One went global and found awesome rappers from 14 different countries.

Here's the video for the song "Hip Hop for the World", plus a list of the artists and their home countries listed below.

In order of appearance are:

  • San E - South Korea
  • Strike The Head - Italy
  • Frenkie - Bosnia
  • Pendekar - Singapore
  • Adx - India
  • Valete - Portugal
  • Mr Phormula - Wales
  • Yacko - Indonesia
  • SadmAnn - Bangladesh
  • Julian Nagano - Japan
  • Deeb - Egypt
  • Mr. Skin - Taiwan
  • Redrama - Finland
  • KRS-One - United States

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