Luc Arbogast - Modern Day Warlock Bard Badass

When I first learned of Luc Arbogast, it was from this video I'm about to show you.  It didn't even have his name attached to it, but I finally figured out who he was.  This was about 8 years ago or more even.

Once I knew who he was, I immediately ordered two of his records and was blown away.  Don't skip forward in the video, seriously.  You'll ruin "the effect" of the second half, which will turn you into a die hard fan just like it did me.  You have to let it build up.  Check it out:

So Luc Arbogast was this street performer guy running around France doing his thing.  I'm a big fantasy fan, and I remember thinking that this guy was some kind of modern day bard.  Maybe a hybrid class mixed with a warlock.  It blew me away.

I got extra excited when he started using the percussion tied off to his leg as a third instrument on top of his vocals and the lute.  Then he goes into double time during the second segment.  I'd have tossed him an extra couple of bucks in his hat right then and there.  He doesn't need it anymore, apparently.  My man has tons of albums out and is touring constantly.  Good for him, his talent was obvious to me a decade ago when I saw this video.  He deserved to rise to the top.

When I started listening to the two albums, I was a little sad that they didn't sound much better than this Youtube video in terms of mixing and production, but I checked out some of his newer stuff and it sounds fantastic.  That's probably where you should start unless you become a die hard fan right off the bat.

Luc Arbogast in the Present

Fast forward to today and I'm hunting down this video to find it for you, and I discover he's been signed and being managed and has help with promotional stuff.  For instance, he's got new videos of him doing his thang over the Game of Thrones theme, Nausicaa theme, and more.  And it's all tracked and mixed to perfection.  I've got some catching up to do!

Check it out though.  Dude just looks awesome.  You know a guy knows what he's doing when his get-up is that convincing.

luc arbogast street performer in france

Apparently he was on The Voice too, some kind of American Idol style TV show.  I don't know because I can't afford cable.  Can I borrow 'bout tree fiddy?

Anyways, this guy... he rocks the Lute and bells on his legs like a one-man band.  He focuses on medieval music.  I suppose what you call his vocal style is "counter-tenor."  He'll start deep in a lower octave and then blow your mind and go straight for that head voice, jumping up several octaves.  His range is ridiculous.

Go check out Mr. Arbogast's official website and support true talent (I hope you can read French or use the Google Translator).  I leave you with one of his newer ones...

Luc Arbogast is my daddy.