One Guitar Song in 30 Countries Playing Styles!

The guys over at put together quite the adventure for a guitarist who is also a fan of world music.  They are legitimately masters of the highest class.

guitar master class

Complete with 30 lessons to walk you through each part, they show you just how they beautifully sewed together this tapestry of mind-blowing magic.  Check out the song:

The song itself is Balkan Express by Massimo Perin, tweaked into a quest through 30 cultures and styles of writing music. The really impressive part is that this player has managed to memorize and internalize so many different scales and has the skill to play it all chromatically in a few clean takes.  I don't know about that hat, though.  He makes it up for displaying a boatload of amazing guitars.  He should sell a couple and buy a different hat.  I'm kidding, of course.  Wear what you want, I'm typing this in my undies.

This grabbed my attention immediately by ensnaring me with my two favorites right off the bat: Japan and Ireland.  I had to wait till #27 for my 3rd favorite (India), but it was well worth the wait because everything in between was insanely awesome.  Egypt was hot fire, I tell you.  Greece made me feel like I was watching a cartoon.  Polynesia was fun as always.  Macedonia was cool too, but I thought that was a type of dinosaur?  I think it'd be great to be able to play in all of these scales and styles, but I guess I better learn the basics first.

Here's the list of countries in order with time stamps so you can jump around if you want, though I suggest sticking it out if you have the time.  It's worth being able to recognize the nationality of these styles, at least so you can make fun of your friends when they don't and act like you're really well cultured and experienced in all things musical.

1. Japan - 0:06
2. Ireland - 0:22
3. Scotland - 0:39
4. Italy - 01:00
5. Spain - 01:17
6. France - 01:37
7. Austria - 02:03
8. Portugal - 02:29
9. Sweden - 02:45
10. Thailand - 03:21
11. Turkey - 03:41
12. Egypt - 04:09
13. Greece - 04:30
14. Polynesia - 04:52
15. USA - 05:10
16. Kenya - 05:31
17. Cuba - 05:49
18. Brazil - 06:12
19. Argentina - 06:36
20. Mexico - 06:54
21. Peru - 07:15
22. Romania - 07:24
23. Hungary - 07:41
24. Russia - 07:57
25. Macedonia - 08:19
26. Bulgaria - 08:45
27. India - 09:11
28. China - 09:36
29. Jamaica - 9:55
30. Serbia - 10:21

I'm not sure I like how he represented the United States though.  I don't want us to go down in history as Country music.  I'd have settled for Bluegrass.  I suppose we deserve it for introducing that monstrosity of a genre into the public consciousness, though.  Forgive us, world, for we have sinned against thee.  I know we can't undo the damage, but we could at least stop Nashville from churning out the super auto-tuned pop country crap and get back to the real roots stuff.

Of course, they saved Jamaica for near the end, which is such a distinctive style that it would have thrown off the flow (if you ask me) of the video.  I don't mean that in a bad way.  Reggae is one of my favorite genres to listen to for pleasure.  Then they come in at the end with Serbia acting like goofballs.  What a fun video.  I give it two thumbs up.