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Stary Olsa's Medieval Cover of Metallica's One

Tuesday - Jan 12, 2016 Culture

I'm a huge fan of Medieval and Renaissance music.  I love classic folk and all that, probably related to my love of fantasy movies, books, and role playing games. So I was thrilled when I was Youtube's sidebar showed me this Stary Olsa video after posting those two other Metallica posts last week: Medieval Metallica! […]

One Guitar Song in 30 Countries Playing Styles!

Monday - Jan 4, 2016 Culture

The guys over at put together quite the adventure for a guitarist who is also a fan of world music. Complete with 30 lessons to walk you through each part, they show you just how they beautifully sewed together this tapestry of mind-blowing magic.  Check out the song: The song itself is Balkan Express by […]

Sakura - Traditional Japanese Song on Koto

Wednesday - Jun 24, 2015 Culture

The day I finally discovered what "that song" was, I celebrated.  It had haunted me for literal decades.  More people have heard the song Sakura than anyone realizes.  Take a quick listen as you continue reading.  I'll show you were you probably know it from as well... Sakura the song is a celebration of the […]

Global Hip Hop for the World

Wednesday - May 6, 2015 Culture

I'm sure you remember that "We Are The World" single from way back in 1985 when Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie got a boatload of amazing artists all on one track and donated it all to charity. Well, KRS-One has done the same in 2015 to generate some cash for children's education, to be handled […]

Luc Arbogast - Modern Day Warlock Bard Badass

Monday - May 4, 2015 Culture

When I first learned of Luc Arbogast, it was from this video I'm about to show you.  It didn't even have his name attached to it, but I finally figured out who he was.  This was about 8 years ago.  I immediately ordered two of his records and was blown away.  Don't skip forward, seriously. […]

Coon Creek Girls - Classic Appalachian Folk

Thursday - Mar 19, 2015 Culture

Nestled deep in the Appalachian mountains, the Coon Creek Girls played their beloved folk songs from 1937 through 1957, enjoying an illustrious career that included TV appearances on John Lair's Renfro Valley Barn Dance and even a performance at the White House for President Roosevelt, King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth in 1939. Check out […]