Bo Burnham's Pop Satire Scares Me

I found out about Bo Burnham years ago when I was in the break room at work and his stand-up was on whatever channel was already playing.  I thought it was hilarious, so I dug deeper and learned about his Youtube rise to stardom.  He's like the comedy version of Justin Bieber, who also got his start through the video streaming service playing and singing songs in his bedroom.

bo burnham repeat stuff

Apparently this pisses off all of the comics who went on the stand-up circuit instead of exploiting technology and marketing.  Apparently he didn't "pay his dues" hard enough to satisfy the comedy gatekeepers.  Okay, brah.  Maybe next life you old fogies won't do things the hard way?  There's nothing noble about suffering unnecessarily.  "Back in my day YouTube didn't exist and I had to walk to the venue uphill both ways in the snow with nothing but a hot potato to keep me warm and then I ate a cold potato for lunch."

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Regardless of the off-topic opinions of his jealous cohort, Bo Burnham is an extremely funny feller.  And most of his material involves music in some fashion, so that's cool.  You can actually purchase three albums of his music and skits at this point I think, in addition to DVD's and BluRay's of his stand-ups.  His newest stand-up has one of the most epic performances I've ever seen based on something Bo saw Kanye West do live.  If you like his material on Vine and YouTube, then I suggest moving to his stand-up routines next, which include exclusive songs and other material.

Bo is one of those satire type comedians that exposes the obvious but hidden by amplifying it ten-fold to the level of absurdity, like he does here in Repeat Stuff where he puts the teenage love songs on blast and show you what their true purpose is:

Look, I didn't even ruin the fun twist until after the video.  Basically, Satan and the Illuminati use us all for money and mind control.  If you pay close attention, the video is full of subliminal messages popping up on the screen quickly, revealing the truth of the JFK assassination conspiracy and much more.  SWAG.

If you liked this then you'd definitely appreciate Kitty History too, from another semi-prominent comedian.  These guys are the next generation for sure though, and they deserve it.

After I downloaded his albums, I decided that I will save my virginity for Bo Burnham, if and only if he gets his official website redesigned.  I mean, I'll settle for Ryan Gosling or Johnny Depp, but you know.  Depends on how nice their websites are.  I won't tolerate some whack-website-having scrub.

Late 2016 Edit: If you didn't catch his new standup on Netflix called Make Happy, do yourself the favor.  It's hilarious and chock full of music from tons of genres.  The last 15 minutes is incredibly intense and genuinely exposes some of Bo's feelings about his situation and the situation we all find ourselves in.  Cue the existential crisis.