Limp Bizkit vs. Seinfeld!?!?

Once upon a time, there was only two thing I remembered about the Limp Bizkit song Break Stuff:

  1. MTV gave the video some award, and...
  2. People used it as an excuse to destroy the abomination that was Woodstock '99.

Now I'm adding a third item to the menu... The Seinfield Remix!

On behalf of the readers, like me, who went through your teens in the 90's...

My Generation Keeps Rollin for the Nookie!

Three Bizkit titles in one line.  My new record.  Represent.

limp bizkit seinfeld

I'll admit, I still haven't watched much of Seinfeld.  I've just caught an episode here and there.  My favorite one I did see was Kramer selling black market shower heads in a trench coat on the streets.  He ends up with his own that's used to bathe elephants

seinfeld limp bizkit

It doesn't end well for him.

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