Metallica's Enter Sandman... Backwards!

Ahhh, the memories.  This was the first and only song I ever learned on drums.  I remember it like it was yesterday...

Son, you're going to learn a musical instrument.  It's not a choice.  The choice I'm giving you is which instrument.  So choose.  This is not an option.

So I chose drums and was expected to act grateful.  We found some used drums to buy and set them up in the basement, where I was told to practice every day after school.  And at the same time I was told not to make noise.  You can guess how well that went.  Now I have issues.  Hold me.

metallica enter sandman animated gif

*snaps back to reality*

Oh... my bad.  Metallica, yeah.  So Rob Scallon and crew decided it would be awesome (and they were correct) to learn to play and sing every piece of Enter Sandman backwards, and then reverse the footage.  That sounds like a fun exercise in general, learning drum patterns in reverse, transcribing guitar licks backwards, etc.  Capturing it on video opens up a lot of other neat opportunities too.

To me, the most interesting part of these shenanigans was listening to the lyrics backwards and writing down the syllables it sounded like, while still having to map that to a backwards melody.  An example of that can be seen in the picture below, where Rob accidentally recites the incantation and becomes host to a Kandarian demon.

enter sandman backwards lyrics

They were clever enough to put other interesting elements into the video too, like shooting silly string and dropping packing peanuts everywhere so it would look cool in reverse.  There's even one part that's honestly kind of gross where he starts eating pretzels backwards.  It looks like he's just hacking up pretzel hairballs.  I guess that's a good way to cut back on carbs.  I'll quit yammering.  Here's the video:

That's pretty cool, am I right?  I give them props, because I can't play it in forward, even on drums... to this day.  Whenever I sit in front of a drum set I just get all anxious and start sweating and crying.  I don't understand why.

Over the decades I've had the same discussion with people on whether or not bands like Metallica and Black Sabbath are legitimately heavy metal.  I disagree, even if they pioneered the way.  I suppose they're "metal" without the heavy aspect.  This is a testament to how things tend towards the extremes over time, because what was metal then is pretty tame these days.  They're basically soft rock or even R&B at this point.  I'd call them soft jazz fusion, personally, even if they play some of the top metal guitars on the market.

rob scallon

If you enjoyed the video, head over to YouTube and give Rob Scallon a thumbs up and subscribe!  He's got one of the biggest and most creative music channels on YouTube and recently celebrated the 10th year of his channel.  So you know he's got some gems in his video catalog just waiting for you to dig through and find.