Metallica's Enter Sandman... Backwards!

Ahhh, the memories.  This was the first song I ever learned on drums.  I remember it like it was yesterday...

Son, you're going to learn a musical instrument.  It's not a choice.  The choice I'm giving you is which instrument.  So choose.

And I chose drums.  We set them up in the basement and I was told to play every day after school.  And at the same time I was told not to make noise.  You can guess how well that went.  Now I have issues.  Hold me.

metallica enter sandman animated gif

*snaps back to reality*

Oh... my bad.  Metallica, yeah.  So Rob Scallon and crew decided it would be awesome (and they were correct) to learn to play and sing every piece of Enter Sandman backwards, and then reverse the footage.

enter sandman backwards lyrics

They were clever enough to put other interesting elements into the video too, like shooting silly string and dropping packing peanuts everywhere so it would look cool in reverse.  I'll quit yammering.  Here's the video:

That's pretty cool, am I right?  I give them props, because I can't play it in forward, even on drums... to this day.  Whenever I sit in front of a drum set I just get all anxious and start sweating and crying.  I don't understand why.

rob scallon

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