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Siri, What is One Trillion to the 10th Power?

Monday - Jan 25, 2016 Funny

"Hey Siri, drop dat hot fiyah so I can kick a funky rhyme." Your request does not compute. "Siri, hit dat beat box, byitch!" I'm sorry, Dave.  I'm afraid I can't do that. "Dammit, Siri.  What's one trillion to the 10th power?" Check out this trio of skillful musicians, including an Indian beatbox, rhythm vocals, […]

Link Park's "In The End" Sung by 183 Movies!

Saturday - Jan 16, 2016 Funny

If you were in high school in the late 90's, or perhaps even college, then I'm guessing you had a Linkin Park phase in your life.  I did.  I used to mute my video games and put my Hybrid Theory CD on loop and have my own personalized soundtrack.  That's actually one of my most fond […]

Ylvis' Someone Like Me (Who Also Likes The...)

Thursday - Oct 15, 2015 Funny

If you guys aren't on the up and up with Ylvis, two comedian/musician brothers from Norway with their own TV show, you need to check out all of their music videos.  I'm not kidding.  You need to watch them all, which you can do freely on YouTube. I'll get you started with this winner, Someone […]

Solo Slugs! The Mind of the Lead Guitarist

Monday - Sep 28, 2015 Funny

An oft wondered phenomenon in the music universe is "What the heck is up with lead guitarists' faces during solos?!?" We know all of the magical rituals surrounding solos.  For instance, you must hold your breath during a guitar solo, out of respect for the guitarist but also so you aren't cursed for eternity.  You […]

The Hungry Man's Guide to Musical Rhythm

Tuesday - Aug 25, 2015 Funny

If there's two things in this world I love enough to offer my firstborn, that would be food and then music.  In that order. Music attracts a subset of people who are oftentimes very right-brained; the type of folks who suck at math and other left-brained activities.  And unfortunately, a large part of learning music […]

Bo Burnham's Pop Satire Scares Me

Wednesday - Jun 3, 2015 Funny

I found out about Bo Burnham years ago when I was in the break room at work and his stand-up was on whatever channel was already playing.  I thought it was hilarious, so I dug deeper and learned about his Youtube rise to stardom.  He's like the comedy version of Justin Bieber, who also got […]