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The Anatomy of Songs

Tuesday - Jun 2, 2015 Funny

John Atkinson, over at Wrong Hands, has a distinct cartoon style.  Occasionally he touches on the music industry and it's always hilarious.  Check out this one called the Anatomy of Songs. If I could draw, I'd add one about Psychedelic Progressive Rock.  It'd go something like: 0:00 - The Soul Mechanized Unicorn Messiahs An Analogy Concerning […]

Metallica's Enter Sandman... Backwards!

Monday - May 11, 2015 Funny

Ahhh, the memories.  This was the first song I ever learned on drums.  I remember it like it was yesterday... Son, you're going to learn a musical instrument.  It's not a choice.  The choice I'm giving you is which instrument.  So choose. And I chose drums.  We set them up in the basement and I […]

You Can't Stop Mashd N Kutcher From Making Music

Monday - May 4, 2015 Funny

So I just discovered Mashd N Kutcher, and very well may be late to the game. But in case you don't know who they are, let this be an introduction.  These guys do a lot more, but my favorite shtick of theirs is their insistence on making music at all times. Check out this video, […]

And Bono Never Clapped Again...

Saturday - Mar 14, 2015 Funny

For the users with accessibility readers, the script: At a U2 concert in Glasgow, Scotland, Bono requested total silence.  Then, in the quiet stillness, he began to slowly clap his hands, once every few seconds.  Finally, holding the audience in absolute quiet, he spoke into the microphone... "Every time I clap my hands, a child […]

Limp Bizkit vs. Seinfeld!?!?

Wednesday - Mar 11, 2015 Funny

Once upon a time, there was only two thing I remembered about the Limp Bizkit song Break Stuff: MTV gave the video some award, and... People used it as an excuse to destroy the abomination that was Woodstock '99. Now I'm adding a third item to the menu... The Seinfield Remix! On behalf of the readers, […]

This Guy Puts the "Dookie" in Green Day - Guitar Rage lvl9999

Wednesday - Mar 4, 2015 Funny

Having had a guitarist roommate, I can tell you three things: They play all night loudly through an amp. They refuse to use headphones. They have a low tolerance for their own suckage. For the jury's consideration, I present Exhibit A - Guitar Rage: This young man has decided, at 1:30 AM, that it's time to […]