And Now a Tiny Puppet Nailing the Drums to Rush's "Tom Sawyer" on Tin Cans

Tom Sawyer by Rush is one of my favorite drum songs.  Everyone and their mother knows Neil Peart slayed that song.  I once saw him play it live in Atlanta on a giant 30+ MIDI triggered drum kit with a full-on UFO light show.  It changed me forever.

That's why I'm constantly watching people try to learn and play it on YouTube.  Very few ever land all the right hits and breaks  So when I found this video by Ricky Syers purportedly playing Tom Sawyer to perfection, I was tempted to click.

When I saw that he was doing it through a puppet on a set of tin cans... well...

chops sawyer ricky syers rush puppet

He even has his own light show!  Check out the video below:

The puppet's name is Chopsy and this rendition is called "Chops Sawyer."

Chopsy looks like Tommy Chong to me!  Now I done seent some shizz, including a dog playing the drums for Enter Sandman.  Now I can add this marionette craziness to the list.  Chopsy for president!

chopsy puppet

One time me, my brother, and my cousins were at our grandparent's house making hand puppets and doing stuff like this.  Our youngest cousin was too little so she made a doll out of yellow play dough and put it in the microwave to cook it a bit and make it hard.

As you've guessed, she cooked that sucker for god know's how long and it came out a crisp, stinking, shriveled black thing.  She cried so hard that 25 years later we still talk about it.  She shouldn't quit her day job, but this Chopsy dude could pull it off full-time.