Siri, What is One Trillion to the 10th Power?

"Hey Siri, drop dat hot fiyah so I can kick a funky rhyme."

Your request does not compute.

"Siri, hit dat beat box, byitch!"

I'm sorry, Dave.  I'm afraid I can't do that.

"Dammit, Siri.  What's one trillion to the 10th power?"

Check out this trio of skillful musicians, including an Indian beatbox, rhythm vocals, and lead melody. Oh yeah, and don't forget Siri.

We Quartet Now.


I feel betrayed.

I just deleted an entire paragraph about my prediction that this little stunt would blow up with a ton of copy cats.

Turns out these are the copy cats!  Just goes to show you that there's nothing new under the sun and everything comes in cycles, including repurposing viral content on the internet.

I found a 12 year old kid doing this in 2013, with his smug self.  I'm pretty sure it's past his bed time:

And then I also found this superior beatbox (but alas the video has since been removed).  This reminds me of all the stunts we pulled as kids in the toy store, using nearly anything to make music.  Like those "clocks" you'd wind and it would spin an arrow and choose a random farm animal.  Or "Baby's First Cellphone."  Or "Toddler's First Walmart Guitar."

BRB, going to make my own Alexa or Cortana beatbox and be internet famous.  That'd be a good trade for all of these overlord tech companies streaming our lives straight to big brother.