The Anatomy of Songs

John Atkinson, over at Wrong Hands, has a distinct cartoon style.  Occasionally he touches on the music industry and it's always hilarious.  Check out this one called the Anatomy of Songs.

songs anatomy comic cartoon

If I could draw, I'd add one about Psychedelic Progressive Rock.  It'd go something like:

  • 0:00 - The Soul
  • Mechanized Unicorn Messiahs
  • An Analogy Concerning Starships
  • Mother Nature's Angst
  • Interdimensional Dragons
  • Seeing through the Eyes of a Child
  • Theremin Solo
  • Time Being a River/Arrow/Powdered Donut
  • The Ghost-Lady in the Flowing Gown
  • 11:34 - Light and Love

Haha, I'm so hilarious.  I'm going to draw this.  *Goes to find my crayons*