Too Many Cooks - Intronitus is Contagious!

I've watched this video at least 20 times.  Not sure why I haven't shared it here yet.

Adult Swim brings us Too Many Cooks, a bizarre trip through the world of family oriented TV intro sequences of the 90's. I suspect this is what it's like to have an existential crisis at the peak of an LSD trip.  Get ready for a high dose of confusion and disorientation:

It takes a lot to make a stew!

I'm not going to spoil this adventure (yet) with a bunch of screen caps or jokes.  Just watch it, and then finish reading the post.

Well, I do have to drop at least one teaser on you to convince you to watch it:

smarf dead too many cooks


If you haven't watched yet, here's some details to convince you one way or the other.  It's one single theme song and intro sequence that slowly morphs through the typical Full House type of family oriented serial on over to buddy cop crime drama shows to animated cartoons to scifi space operas and much more.  Basically, every type of 90's TV show is represented here while the theme is remixed and the characters slowly realize there's an evil form of continuity between each show.

too many cooks space scene

It's all unified and tells a meta-story itself where the members of the Cook family begin to realize they are stuck in this strange world where the universes are starting to converge... to make matters worse, a universe jumping villain has been hiding in plain sight the entire time.  If you think I'm kidding, this is the reason I've watched this video so many times.  The more you watch it, the more you start spotting the bad guy earlier and earlier.

too many cooks intro universe

It's by far one of the nuttiest things I've ever seen, in a very good way.  It's not just the villain that's haunting the actors and actresses, nor the contagious case of Intronitus going around, but the crumbling of the foundation of their film reality itself.  People become subtitles, subtitles become people, characters begin finding themselves in the wrong shows, until ultimately Smarf fails to engage the kill switch and the veil is completely peeled back, revealing... well, you'll just have to watch it and find out!

This 'comedy short' if you want to call it that is so wild, expansive, and popular that it now has its own Wikipedia page.  They term this thing 'as surreal dark comedy' while others mention the 'anti-comedy' angle and its postmodern deconstruction of the TV introduction conventions.  It originally aired October 28, 2014 at 4 AM Eastern Time.  I doubt many people saw it live, but once it hit the internet that changed real fast.  This masterpiece is the brain child of Casper Kelly, who wrote, directed, and created the whole concept.  They said it took 3 days to film, entirely casted by extras, and then required an entire year of post-production to wrap up.

Among the shows parodied are Roseanne, Family Matters, Full House, The Brady Bunch, G.I. Joe, ALF, T.J. Hooker, Law & Order, Wonder Woman, and more.

I hope Smarf makes it to Intro Heaven...