Ylvis' Someone Like Me (Who Also Likes The...)

If you guys aren't on the up and up with Ylvis, two comedian/musician brothers from Norway with their own TV show, you need to check out all of their music videos.  I'm not kidding.  You need to watch them all, which you can do freely on YouTube.

ylvis logo

I'll get you started with this winner, Someone Like Me.  This is honestly a very beautiful ballad akin to something you'd see at the beginning of a Disney movie like Beauty & The Beast.  These guys are fantastic musicians and equally good comedians.

Mr. Toot and Massachusetts and Stonehenge and The Cabin are also on my favorite's lists from these guys, with 'Massachusetts' being my all time favorite I'd have to say.

If you're a guy, the trick to watching any of these videos is to not let your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife see them.  I've seen it happen again and again.  Apparently these two dudes are stud muffins who can steal your lady from another continent without even talking to them or realizing they exist.  I realize some of you are racing to show your wives these videos now.  Shame on you for doing such a thing (let me know if it works, please).

These are the same guys that made the super awesome and progressively more annoying What Does the Fox Say song and video, which you've probably seen and not realized these were the same brothers.  It's not a bad song minus the chorus which is just horrendous.  I'll admit, the song makes a very astute observation about onomatopoeia and the various animals out there in the wilderness.  We know what most of them say, but the fox?

what does the fox say

Word on the street is that both Vegard and Bård Urheim Ylvisåker were classically trained instrumentalists growing up, playing the viola and violin, respectively.  Of course, they both gave that up as soon as they could (parents just don't understand) and started rocking the guitar and taking voice lessons.

what does the fox say

They went on to dominate live stage performance, live television talk shows, TV game shows, and much more.  They are international powerhouses.  That's what the fox says.  You can watch quite a bit of this non-music material online, but be prepared because a lot of it isn't in English, although you'll find a lot of it has subtitles.  So while you aren't required to learn Norwegian, you will need to be able to read, you idiot.

i kveld med ylvis

These guys really remind me of Jack Black in the sense that he's among the best vocalists and musicians around, but he won't release any music that isn't a goofy joke.  I believe sincerely if he, and the Ylvis brothers, put the time and attention into one serious project with zero jokes, they could not only sweep the world and win all of the Grammy's, but they could also revive classical music and other less-than-popular genres in the mind of the public.  But who am I to tell someone how to express themselves through their art?  I'm a nobody blogger!  Stop laughing at me.

Excuse me, miss... but do you like the dubstep?