DMG Audio Releases 'Limitless' - Mastering Limiter

There's a lot of fear mongering out there.

Sure, build your own studio and acoustic treatment.  Sure, track your own recordings.  Sure, mix them yourself.  But don't you dare try to master your songs!  You'll ruin them.  Only professionals can do this right.

Sure... I agree to an extent, except I'd say that while professionals can do a better job, all of the tools are available for anyone who wants to learn to do it themselves and become a professional.  And often an amateur mastering job is perfectly acceptable for an amateur recording and mix, which often is released without any form of mastering at all.  You might as well give it a whirl.

Enter Limitless - The Master Limiter

limitless the master limiter

Visit DMG Audio's Official Limitless Page

If you've got your head in the game, you know about DMG Audio because they've pumped out a handful of killer VST plugins for in-the-box mixing and mastering.  From equalizers and de-essers to modulators and compressors, they've done it all.  Now they've got a boss-level Limiter.

Here's the thing.  You don't need to ship your songs off to a mastering engineer just to upload a track to Soundcloud or send the MP3 to a friend.  You can push your loudness level all by yourself without hurting the balance of your tracks.  No, this isn't all that mastering does, despite what some people think.  But it's the step that gets your tracks closer to the volume level of the current industry standard.

Loudness is perceived based on the root mean square of a signal, which is kind of like the average amplitude.  People tend to think that you should just slap a compressor and then a limiter on the master channel and push it till it pumps and then back off a tad, and boom you're done.  Silly, I tell you.

There are two ways that Limitless revolutionizes the limiter game.  First is their own algorithms under the hood.  Second is that this is a multi-band dual-stage processor.  Yes, that's confusing, but they include a boatload of presets you can use for different sounds.

multi-band limiting dmg audio

The multi-band aspect allows you to limit like you would EQ with a parametric equalizer.  You can also play with the attack and release like a compressor, ultimately choosing which transients you want to preserve so you can maintain a sense of dynamics in this "squash it till you kill it" culture.  You get up to 6 bands to use in isolation and also master controls to overlay.

I'm not going to go on and on about it.  Visit their site and read about all the killer features.  Best part is, you can use this on Windows or Mac OSX, and all of the major DAWs out there.  Here's their video so you can get a preview, but you can also download their demo and give it a full-spin before committing to the purchase.

This might make me a newb to some degree, but Limitless is the first software limiter I've used with multi-band controls.  Now I can truly fix some of the mix issues I receive without hacking away at the EQ.  What a time to be alive!

Again, check it out on DMG Audio's site!