Marketing Master Marilyn Manson's New Disc

In a world where selling CD's has gone the way of tapes and 8-tracks, Marilyn Manson has stepped up to the plate to challenge the status quo... Except he's not slanging your typical CD.  He's selling a PlayStation disc!

It's literally being manufactured by Sony in the exact same plants that all those games I can't afford get made.  How cool is that?  The question becomes why, and the answer is because Manson has those die hard fans that love collectibles and this disc stands out beyond just having the thick, black look of these video game discs.  It certainly doesn't hurt that it matches the dark gothic packaging and promotional materials for this new The Pale Emperor album, as seen below:

the pale emperor

The Cool Part... Thermal Coating

What makes this so cool, or should we say hot, is the thermal coating layer printed on top.  Manson won't be the first person to have printed a CD top in pure black or pure white, but he's definitely the first to do both at the same time!

manson playstation disc

As you can see, when the disc heats up or cools, like when it's spinning in your player or your fingers touch it, it shifts through the grayscale between white and black.  It's kind of like one of those mood rings from high school, except there's only two moods here: emo and emo.

Jokes aside, Marilyn Manson has managed to stay relevant and maintained a large following through all of these years.  His talent and marketing prowess has earned my respect and that of confused teenagers everywhere.