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Guitar Center G-Money's Its Employees - Sign It or "Quit"

Tuesday - Jan 19, 2016 Industry News

Guitar Center is at it again.  We're all familiar with the corporate screw job in the music industry, but it extends beyond recordings.  Guitar Center's upper echelon is known for its dickhead practices, and this week only took it to the next level. There's the level of record executives making millions off of their cookie […]

David Bowie Leaves Us at Age 69

Monday - Jan 11, 2016 Industry News

David Bowie has passed, shedding his mortal coil at the ripe age of 69, having lived a fruitful life. It's hard to say much more than "What a Boss!" when it comes to David Bowie's life Best remembered by fans of music for his classic songs such as Space Oddity, Let's Dance, Changes, and countless […]

Ever Wanted to Watch Kurt Russell Smash an Antique Martin Guitar?

Saturday - Jan 2, 2016 Industry News

For the music industry and especially guitar enthusiasts, Christmas 2015 was a smash hit. Twas on that fateful day that many of us witnessed the destruction of antique Martin guitar pulled straight out of their museum.  The catch was that none of us would realize what we saw until the Martin Guitar Museum's director Dick Boak […]

Meet The Awkward Guitar Thief Who Just Casually Stole $5000

Thursday - Nov 19, 2015 Industry News

Still on the prowl, this Not-So-Smooth Criminal waltzed right into the Long Island City Guitar Center and shuffled his way right back out while trying to hide a $4,650 Gibson guitar under his shirt: This surveillance footage is from October 18th, 2015 at 3:50 PM, and although the police have been investigating the footage, they're […]

Chris Squire Has Died, But His Legacy is Not Forgotten!

Sunday - Jun 28, 2015 Industry News

Today, on June 28th, 2015, Geoffrey Downes announced to all of the loving fans that his friend and bandmate Chris Squire died at the age of 67.  The details surrounding the event were not made known, nor are they truly relevant.  I refuse to be sad (and it's not working).  My choice is to celebrate […]

DJ Steve Aoki Sued for Breaking Fan's Neck with Inflatable Raft

Wednesday - May 27, 2015 Industry News

Shit is crazy out here in these streets... Steve Aoki, the highest grossing dance musician in North America from his tours alone, likes to ramp up the energy levels at his live performances. Matter of fact, you should stream his new album as you read this to get the full experience. He likes to take […]