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Bette Midler Roasts Pandora's Poor Royalties

Tuesday - Mar 17, 2015 Industry News

Drama is about on Twitter as many artists are beginning to speak up concerning their perception of internet advertising commissions.  The typical CPM's (cost per thousand impressions/plays) is upsetting artists, such as below where Bette Midler roasts Pandora and Spotify for their poor royalty structures. Artists should definitely receive more compensation than they are for their streaming […]

Jay-Z Becomes Majority Stockholder in Aspiro

Saturday - Mar 14, 2015 Industry News

The New York Times reported that as of yesterday, Jay-Z is now the majority stockholder in Aspiro, a Swedish music technology company. Aspiro is just entering the United States market with their streaming services WiMP and Tidal with the intentions to compete against players like Spotify, Pandora, and Apple's iTunes. As reported by Aspiro in October […]

Teen Pop Explosion

Wednesday - Nov 9, 2011 Industry News

This article originally appeared on Unless you have been living in total seclusion for the past couple of years, there is no way you could not have noticed the recent bubble-gum pop outbreak that has taken America by storm. In fact, turn on any all-hit radio station in just about any city, big or […]