A Visualization Analysis of the Beatles

Adam McCann, super interactive graphic maker, decided to take advantage of the The Beatles' discography making it's way to the streaming services.  This means that he had access to all of the data, including lyrics, release dates, chart toppers, etc.

So he hunkered down and created this graphic: (Note, it's purposefully small and static.  You need to visit his site so you can actually interact with the chart.  Totally worth it.)

an analysis of the beatles

To give you an idea of what to expect, he covers every song from 1964 up to 1970.  That means of their total 310 songs as a group, he covers 175 of them, or 56.5% of their discography.

This includes 18 of their albums though, especially the most popular ones that made the biggest impact on the world.

You'll see interactive, searchable, and hoverable data on:

  • Their Biggest Hits
  • Who Wrote Each Song
  • The Overarching Topics They Use
  • Which Beatle Had the Largest Vocabulary
  • And a lot more...

Yaaaaaay, The Beatles! *leaps in the air*

the beatles analysis

Anyways, click the image above and go play with it!  Pronto!