Maniacal Marble Music Machine Made by Martin Molin

The homie Martin Molin is a maniac. There are few people on this planet that can set their sights on such a monumental goal and be dedicated enough to stick it out to completion, let alone being skilled enough in a handful of trades, including woodworking, metalworking, and music. He's a true madman, indeed.

Martin is a member of the band Wintergatan and inventor of the magical Marble Machine. Take a look at this thing:

Marble Music Machine Wintergatan

We've been watching Martin as he built and revealed each component of this apparatus and how it all came together across his series of videos during the build phase.  But finally... after all this time, he has finally finished this monstrosity! And, believe it or not, it lives up to and far beyond the expectations. Nothing usually lives up to such a long, hyped up build and promotion, but Martin is different. He's not the same as you and I. He is, in fact, a musical demi-god.

This wooden contraption is cranked by hand, rotating 2,000 marbles so that gravity can perform it's magic and make the music you're about to enjoy.  The thing is, it's not just random tinks and clanging sounds.  Martin carefully set up specifically configured levers to craft an arrangement to his song.  Each marble travels a certain path as well in order to fall and trigger various instruments to create melodies as well.  Not only is it not random, it makes a legitimate song aided by marbles, magnets, and a custom barrel piano.

From MIDI drum pads, a xylophone, a bass guitar, cymbals, and more, Martin's creation has pushed him up there  with the most masterful one-man bands, and definitely crowns him the most overly-complicated. And for that, I crown him king of the internet.

Take a listen and watch the magic occur with this professionally captured video. Notice that not only are there room mics set up, but he has ones built into the machine as well, all hooked up to a mixer on the back so he can fine-tune the volumes. He even manages to actually perform versus just standing there cranking the thing like I'd do.

My favorite part is when he engages the breakdown lever and essentially rocks a solo.  This is why art is important.  Someone has to fill the internet with cool stuff for us to waste our lives with. This thing even collects the marbles into a little plinko game area that redirects the marbles to different areas so each sound keeps functioning as the marbles are redistributed to the top of the machine again.

I want to know whats up with that single, ominous black marble amongst all of the chrome ones... What does it mean, Martin!?

The marble machine is one of the most uncommon instruments ever, being a one-of-a-kind. I wonder what it would cost to convince Martin to let go of it or build another one? I wouldn't mind one, but I'd need some kind of mechanism to crank it for me too.  I'm awfully lazy.