The Beatles Never Broke Up! Hear Their Most Recent Album: Everyday Chemistry

I feel so guilty for typing that title.  I also feel confused for not knowing which blog category to place this in.  Here we go...

On Sept. 9, 2009 I experienced something that I still am having trouble believing happened to me.

I came into the possession of a cassette tape containing a Beatles album that was never released.

Check this out.  This guy goes running through the desert chasing his dog who is chasing a rabbit, and he trips and knocks himself out.

desert scene

He wakes up in a stranger's house, who has gathered up his dog and is treating this guy's head boo-boo.

Our guy is like "Wait a second, how did I get here because there were no houses around for miles?  How did you find me in the middle of the desert?"  And the guys reply is...

*Jumps the Shark*

"I come from another of the infinite dimensions and have brought you back to mine to take care of you.  I found you while running around the desert for no good reason.  You want some coffee?  Let's turn on some music."

So our lead character gets his mind blown when he starts hearing a bootleg cassette copy of a Beatles album that never came out, called Everyday Chemistry.  He waits for the dude to leave the room and steals that mother and then bails back to our dimension.  I guess he found a portal or something.  That's how I usually jump dimensions.

halfbaked "I don't know why but I believe him" screen capture

Are you skeptical?  Seriously?  Why would anyone lie on the internet?  What, do you need proof?

Then visit (this site is now offline, you'll just have to take my word for it) to read the guys full story, see the pictures he took, and even listen to the Everyday Chemistry album!  Download it and love it.

Sure... there's people on the internet saying "Hey, this is just a mashup album. Whoever made it took a ton of solo songs from the Beatles and mixed them together!"

Nay, I say unto thee.  OBVIOUSLY, in another dimension where the Beatles never broke up, they'd still come up with the same musical ideas, but they'd end up in different songs.  But most importantly, they'd all still be together.  That's how it works.  DUH.

*Takes another Toke*

Here's the tracklisting:

Everyday Chemistry

  1. Four Guys
  2. Talking to Myself
  3. Anybody Else
  4. Sick to Death
  5. Jenn
  6. I'm Just Sitting Here
  7. Soldier Boy
  8. Over the Ocean
  9. Days Like These
  10. Saturday Night
  11. Mr. Gator's Swamp Jamboree

Now, I'm not going to ruin it for you.  I was tempted to list all of the songs from which these tracks were "clearly mashed up from."  You'll have more fun if I don't spoil it for you.  You can't download it at the official website any more since it's down, but you can still find the album on the internet of you do some searches.

Believe it or not (I believe it 100% and if you don't you're an idiot!!!!!).  Either way, you'll enjoy hearing it if you're a Beatles fan.  It's kind of like that Cirque Du Soleil mashup album Love.  AKA it's awesome.