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Tommy Lee’s Net Worth (2023)

Tommy Lee’s Net Worth is $75 Million

How would you like to wake up in a massive Japanese mansion, your solid-gold Ferrari purring in the driveway, with the whole day ahead of you just sparkling with potential? Sounds nice, doesn’t it. Well, that’s just another Tuesday for Tommy Lee. Tommy has turned his skills on the skins in a cool $75-million net worth in 2023.

And he deserves every penny. He’s been crushing it in the music business since ’81, when his band Mötley Crüe burst onto the scene. He’s kept up the pace, doing his thing with rap-metal crew Methods of Mayhem, and wisely spreading his cash around in real estate and other savvy investments. All while bringing up his kids, handling some less-than-glam public dramas, and living like the rock royalty he is.

NameThomas Lee Bass
ProfessionMusician, Songwriter, Drummer
Net Worth$75 million
BirthplaceAthens, Greece
BirthdayOctober 3, 1962
Height / Weight6’2.5″ / 78 kg
Relationship statusMarried to Brittany Furlan

From a Drum-Beat Baby to Rocking the Globe: Tommy Lee’s Early Life and Breakthrough

Born in Athens on October 3, 1962, to a U.S Army officer and a former Miss Greece, Tommy Lee didn’t linger in the birthplace of democracy. When he was one year old, his parents made tracks to California, where Tommy boarded the roller-coaster ride to stardom.

Tommy fell hard for drumming when he was still practically in diapers. He got his first drum at four and by the time he hit adolescence, he had compiled an actual drum kit. High school found him keeping pace with the marching band beats, but what’s a wild heart to do when the traditional schooling is a bit too restrictive? So, in a true rock star move, he bailed on his final year of school to chase his musical dreams.

His first gig was with a band called Suite 19, but Tommy was on the lookout for something more. Enter Nikki Sixx, future bandmate, and friend. Together they formed the rock outfit we love and know as Mötley Crüe. This dynamic duo brought aboard Mick Mars on guitar and Vince Neil, Tommy’s buddy from school, on vocals. They rocked the Sunset Strip in L.A., a hotspot for rock ‘n’ roll talent back in the day, leaving a trail of their unique brand of music behind.

The boys shook up the scene with their debut album Too Fast for Love in ’81. They released it themselves on Leathür Records, proving that you don’t need a major label to get things going. Of course, once the majors saw the band’s success, they came calling. Mötley Crüe would sign with Elektra Records, which would reissue their debut and help to catapult the band to rock glory.

This is where Tommy gets to shine. His drum solos were anything but standard. Forget chilling behind the band, Lee would pound and send his beats soaring above the crowd. His insane talent and showman’s flair cemented his place as one of rock’s most badass drummers.

Striking Gold with Each Drum Beat: Revenues from Tommy’s Primary Career

Tommy Lee has amassed a truckload of bucks not only because he’s an epic entertainer with some serious drum skills, he’s also insanely driven and gifted. It’s why he has crushed it in his main gig as a musician.

Mötley Crüe’s first album, Too Fast For Love, was an absolute knockout, and scored Lee about a million bucks from record sales. But the dough didn’t stop there. The band’s second album Shout at the Devil, went 4x platinum and added $4,335,000 to Tommy’s bank account.

Consistently delivering stellar music and wild stage presence, Tommy drew more and more fans and dropped mega-popular albums, leading to a pretty sweet jackpot of figures. He bagged about $4.3 million for Theatre of Pain (1985), $4.2 million for Girls, Girls, Girls (1987), and $6.4 million from Dr. Feelgood (1989). Plus, Tommy and his crew also cashed in good from some cool compilation and live album releases. Their ’98 Greatest Hits record apparently slid $500,000 into Tommy’s pocket.

When Mötley Crüe wrapped (albeit temporarily), Lee came out with a cool change-up. He kicked off a band named Methods of Mayhem in 1999. He caught onto the hot trend of rap metal, put the band together, and dropped an album with the same name. Bang, more cash rolling in from record sales and tours.

Drumming Up Assets and Giving Back: Tommy’s Fancy Stuff and Charity Gigs

Tommy Lee’s got a massive pile of cash and he’s not shy about throwing it around on some seriously flashy gear. Jaw-dropping homes and an insane car collection are just are just the tip of the iceberg that is his overall wealth and lifestyle.

In 2021, he embraced tranquility and dropped $4.15 million on a Japanese-style pad in Brentwood. Left behind were the noise, lights, and distractions of the usual celeb life. Also left behind, in 2023, was his decadent Calabasas mansion, which he sold for a loss. (Luckily, for Tommy, he has all that tranquility to help him get over the disappointment.)

Now the man’s car collection? Totally red-carpet worthy. In 2020, Tommy was spotted flexing an ultra-sleek, black Ferrari F8 Tributo with a $280,000 price tag. But that’s not all he has in his garage. His ride stable includes five Rolls-Royces worth $1.58 million, three Ferraris at $750,000, a $110,000 Fisker Karma and a $185,000 Mercedes-Maybach.

But it’s not just about the sweet life for Tommy, he also gives back. He defends animal rights and is not afraid to wave the PETA flag. Back in 2010, he spoke up in defense of the whale Tilikum and how the beast was treated at SeaWorld (TMZ). Plus, he tried to stop the chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede in 2013, an event that led to the euthanizing of six horses in 2010.

Behind the Glamor: A Glimpse into Tommy Lee’s Personal Life

The private life of a rock star is often a string of fiery relationships and broken hearts. Kicking things off, he tied the knot with Elaine Starchuk in ’84, but they called it quits within a year. Next up was actress Heather Locklear in ’86. They stuck together until ’93 when they decided to go their own ways.

Then he hooked up with Pamela Anderson after a New Year’s Eve bash in ’94. They sealed the deal within four days. They would eventually have two boys: Brandon and Dylan. They split in ’98. They gave it another shot before finally moving on in 2010.

Riding the love wave yet again, he married social media queen Brittany Furlan in 2019 on Valentine’s Day.

The man’s absolutely thrilled with his role as a dad. His older son, Brandon, is dabbling in acting and clothing design, while the younger son, Dylan, is splitting his efforts between striking a pose and belting a tune (i.e., modeling and singing).

Riding the Storms: Major Events and Controversies in Tommy Lee’s Life

If there’s a rock star who has lived just as wild offstage as he does on it, it’s Tommy Lee. The man has got a track record of stirring up dramatic headlines.

In 1998, Lee landed himself in jail for six months after he was nailed for assaulting his then-wife Pamela Anderson while she had their son Dylan in her arms. In the middle of all that mess, he swore he’d quit Mötley Crüe and stuck to his word after their “Greatest Hits” tour in ’99.

Then he got kicked out of the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards after brawling with Kid Rock, who pleaded guilty to assault charges.