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4 Recent Music Publicity Stunts Gone Stupid

Wednesday - Oct 25, 2017 Lessons

Let today's post serve as a lesson on how not to execute a publicity stunt to drum up interest and sales in your new album (while our last 'Lessons' post showed a great marketing example by 50 Cent). There’s no such thing as bad publicity, or is there? It’s a cliché, but it tends to […]

Did 50 Cent Throw the Worst First Pitch Ever on Purpose? (Yes)

Tuesday - Apr 11, 2017 Lessons

This is a strange post to find in the "Lessons" section of the blog, but let me explain. "Never waste a good marketing opportunity." 50 Cent is a master marketer in terms of never letting the spotlight die if he doesn't want it to.  He'll fake beef with another rapper, he'll piss off the IRS […]

Eminem Gets Pissy if You Claim Nothing Rhymes With "Orange"

Monday - Mar 6, 2017 Lessons

Will the real Slim shady please continue to defy the laws of the English language? There's a common belief that you can't rhyme anything with the word orange. It's one of those old wive's tales that isn't technically true, but it's fun to stump kids with. Many writers over the years have scratched their heads […]

How to Arrange a Song After You've Recorded!

Sunday - Jun 26, 2016 Lessons

There are so many points in the process of writing a song and recording it where you can bog down and throw your hands in the air and give up.  One in particular is the arrangement of the song.  For some odd reason, bands and songwriters tend to suck at arranging.  They'll get the orchestration […]

Are You Tone Deaf? Take This Quiz & Find Out!

Monday - Jun 13, 2016 Lessons

This is geared to newcomers to our hobby and love of making music.  As we start learning about music and begin actually paying close, deliberate attention to what we're hearing, it's easy to start psyching ourselves out... I remember overthinking everything in my early days, especially as I was introduced to music theory and harmonization. […]

Chord Maps - How to Choose Chord Progressions

Wednesday - Jun 8, 2016 Lessons

Chord maps are the secret to the musical universe. All musicians face a set of similar challenges.  We've already provided a shortcut on musical key characteristics, which helps you match specific emotions to certain keys to achieve the feeling you're looking for in your song.  But what about after that?  You still need a chord […]