Alex Machacek, Austin Powers, & Pentatonics?

From the Pentatonic Guitar God from the Future comes the most polyrhythmic playing you'll ever hear.  Let me tell you, for some odd reason this song is named Austin Powers but I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's what he was watching as he wrote this  track.  My brother did something similar while watching the old animated The Hobbit movie on VHS on repeat.

As you're watching, you'll notice there's the main screen that's constantly showing his left hand working its magic across the fret board.  But in the bottom right there's a pip screen showing his right hand doing all of the picking.  It's the same take being played live, not any kind of overdubbing.  Of course he's not playing all of the backing tracks.  He's not that good (yet).

In the mind of Alex Machacek, Austin Powers was a sensible title for this monstrous melody.  I must admit I have no clue why, although its a memorable name.  It works too, because what else would you call a song like this?  You could name it something like "Polyrhythmic Pentatonics in E-Minor in 6/8" but then you end up being as boring as all of the old classical composers with names like "Canon in D."

I climbed the highest mountains and rent my shirt, screaming "Why God, Why Name It Such?"  And thus a voice spaketh forth in return, and lo, behold, the voice thusly declared, "Because I'm Alex Machacek, kid.  Recognize."

alex machacek playing guitar on stage

In the picture above, you can see Alex playing a super cool headless Strandberg guitar, of which he now has his own special edition model.  In another random brother story, my own bought one of these and decided he didn't like the headless gimmick and ended up barely playing it.  About two years later he randomly sold it for about the same price he paid.  You can see pictures of it on our Instagram profile.  It was so sweet, I don't know what's wrong with my brother.

Like this Austin Powers song, I remember the first time I heard Frank Zappa's Jazz From Hell album, which was so complicated that it had to be programmed on a Synclavier because nobody could play it.  I am now confident that Mr. Machacek could play it, because he, like the Synclavier, is a robot.

He is our Machine Messiah.  Show me the strength of your singular eye!

Yep... another Yes reference.  I'll never stop making them.

The video above is from his new lesson DVD entitled Pentatonic Concepts published by the Lick Library.  Get it, bro's.  But this ain't no beginner jazz guitar video series, so get ready to put in the work.  It comes with a nifty backing track for you to practice improvising and playing these licks over.  What a deal!

alex machacek pentatonic concepts lessons

And lo, as it was written, so shall it be.

If you enjoyed learning about Alex Machacek, then swing on over to our post about Andy McKee and watch the video of him playing Drifter, because while he may not be as technically invested as Alex Machacek is, he's very melodic and plays the "percussive guitar" style.  If you're not sure what that means, then go check it out.  You won't be disappointed.