Alex Machacek, Austin Powers, & Pentatonics?

From the Pentatonic Guitar God from the Future comes the most polyrhythmic playing you'll ever hear:

In the mind of Alex Machacek, Austin Powers was a sensible title for this monstrous melody.  I must admit I have no clue why.  He probably wrote this with his DVD on repeat or something.  My brother wrote many a song with the old The Hobbit animated movie on VHS on repeat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I climbed the highest mountains and rent my shirt, screaming "Why God, Why Name It Such?"  And thus a voice spake in return, saying "Because I'm Alex Machacek, bitch."

alex machacek playing guitar on stage

I remember the first time I heard Frank Zappa's Jazz From Hell album, which was so complicated that it had to be programmed on a Synclavier because nobody could play it.  I am now confident that Mr. Machacek could play it, because he, like the Synclavier, is a robot.

He is our Machine Messiah.

The video above is from his new lesson DVD entitled Pentatonic Concepts published by the Lick Library.  Get it, bro's.

alex machacek pentatonic concepts lessons

And lo, as it was written, so shall it be.