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Short Recognizable Ringtones Arranged Into Full Songs

Monday - Jun 6, 2016 Lessons

I'm considering this a lesson... a lesson in motivation and inspiration. So many times us songwriters will come with something we feel is extremely catchy or meaningful, but it's only five or six notes.  We'd love to incorporate it into one of our songs but it doesn't fit.  We can't hear an entire new song […]

Don't Wait Till It's Too Late to Think About Hand Health

Thursday - Jan 21, 2016 Lessons

The unfortunate reality for most of us is that we don't even think about the state our hands are in until they start to hurt. It's 2016 now, meaning a lot of us spend a crazy amount of time typing at a computer.  If we're not doing that, we might be at the gym suspending 100's […]

Michael Jackson Played Like 20 Epic Famous Guitarists

Wednesday - Jan 13, 2016 Lessons

There's no better way to capture, compare, and contrast the styles of the epically world famous guitarists than to use their techniques all in one extremely familiar song. Who better to do this than Andre Antunes, and what better artist to use than Michael Jackson!  Check this shizz out: Now we're starting to get it! […]

Practice Classical Rhythm with Touch Pianist

Saturday - Jul 25, 2015 Lessons

One on the largest challenges in music is learning the various rhythmic patterns of classical piano songs you're attempting to learn.  The largest challenge of life is to be entertained by quality. For all the crap out there, there's sadly a lack of high quality and intellectual entertainment: enter Touch Pianist. You can use it […]

James Jamerson Isolated Bass Lines Rock

Monday - May 4, 2015 Lessons

A gentleman on Youtube named Vulf has been doing the music world a huge favor by EQing and boosting the killer bass lines on some of our favorite classic tunes.  He's particularly focused on one bassist, and when you hear James Jamerson isolated and watch this visualization, you'll want to hear more. James Jamerson No […]

Common Chord Progression Examples

Saturday - Mar 14, 2015 Lessons

A company known as HookTheory has produced several useful resources for musicians in the learning phase. Among these is TheoryTab, a database of thousands of popular songs categorized in various ways.  Today I want to show you how you can listen to common chord progression examples by using TheoryTab's songs sorted in this manner. Listed […]