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Alex Machacek, Austin Powers, & Pentatonics?

Wednesday - Mar 11, 2015 Lessons

From the Pentatonic Guitar God from the Future comes the most polyrhythmic playing you'll ever hear: In the mind of Alex Machacek, Austin Powers was a sensible title for this monstrous melody.  I must admit I have no clue why.  He probably wrote this with his DVD on repeat or something.  My brother wrote many […]

Standard Notation Sucks - Visualize Beats on a Rhythm Wheel

Wednesday - Mar 4, 2015 Lessons

Flat out, standard notation sucks for visualizing rhythms. There is a far more intuitive method that ties rhythm more closely to time.  Check out the Rhythm Wheel in the TED-Ed video below. You'll learn a new way to internalize beats and hear some awesome music from around the world.  And best of all, it's only […]