Practice Classical Rhythm with Touch Pianist

One on the largest challenges in music is learning the various rhythmic patterns of classical piano songs you're attempting to learn. When you first start learning piano, it's fun.  You start plinking out the melody to songs about bumblebees and bonnets with easy eighth notes and quarter notes. Then before you know it they drop you off into the world of alternate time signatures and syncopated triplets and sixlets.

That's the challenge of learning piano.  But the largest challenge of life in general is to be entertained by something of high quality. For all the crap movies and music out there, there's sadly a lack of high quality and intellectual entertainment: enter Touch Pianist.

touch pianist web app

You can use it as a web application, an Android app, or an iPhone app.

The basic concept is that by pressing any key on your keyboard or tapping your phone, you can play the next note or chord in the melody of a boatload of classical songs.  You can also enable "watch" mode where you can listen and look to help learn the rhythms and timing.

Wham.  Suddenly I'm a master of the piano thanks Batuhan Bozkurt, who created this thing and several other crazy musical apps that you can toy around with at  The Otomata app is really cool if you have time to give it a look.

You may think this Touch Pianist app sounds silly but what it does is remove your responsibility of taking care of the melody entirely.  All you need to do is manage to play the rhythm correctly.  If you do that, the melody will sound perfect along the way.

Once you graduate up to the hard songs of the great classical composers, this is a simple way to become familiar with their music and cram the rhythms in your head, which are often far more complicated to play than the melodies.

Touch Pianist Composers

Here's just a sampling of the composers who's songs are available that you may have heard of if you're a cultured gentlemen like me:

  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Frederic Chopin
  • Erik Satie
  • Claude Debussy
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Johannes Brahms
  • and more...

classical pianists

Go spend a few minutes toying with this thing.  It's pretty nifty, and if you like it, snag it for your smart phone and tell me how it is, because I still have a flip phone like a real boss.  Do you think Beethoven had a smart phone?  Give me a break here, you young whipper snappers!  I still remember having to dispatch a fox with a scroll tied to its leg to see if my friends could come out and play.

It should go without saying, this Touch Pianist software isn't going to teach you how to play the piano, but once you've got most of that under your belt, you can definitely let this aid you in taking your playing to the next level by introducing you to new classical songs.  There's only one way to get familiar with them and that's to listen to them.  Replicating their rhythmic patters using this app is a great way to move into actually being able to play them.